Election details here

The conservatives left me a flyer today, ive got to clean off the “no conservative flyers” sign. . . ..They’ve put 6 bullet points on the paper. first 2: ‘Fair tax’ and ‘Safe streets’. Vague, but positive points i guess. 3) ‘Respect for troops’- who the fuck doesn’t do this already, honestly. I hate how the pro-war people in this country keep trying to label the rest of us as troop haters. I hate the conservative party, but ive got nothing against our troops you idiots.

4) ‘Effective environmental protection’. Stage one, take us out of Kyoto (a globally accepted plan to reduce pollution). Stage two, a campaign of misinformation so that people would be confused about what a carbon tax is. . . . . . . .. “Carbon footprint”, is that the one they use to record a newborn’s foot size?

5) ‘true voice for new Canadians’. Is true i guess, if you’re rich and immigrated from a very white country.

The sixth one is my favourite by far, 6) ‘Strong defense of our borders’. Thank god for that! If my village gets burned down in one more barbarian invasion im leaving this crummy country for good.

Or maybe its whales, are they worried whales will invade?

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One Response to “Election details here”

  1. exuvia Says:

    “Strong defense of our borders”
    I know… “The best defense is an attack”


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