Gaddamn ‘sleep’

Since i was a kid its been the same stupid thing with alarm clocks. Why do they bother with the sleep button, or why dont they at least hide it somewhere on the side or back of the clock. You go to set your alarm, time, snooze etc. . … and you accidentally hit the sleep button and whammo, youre stuck with 59 minutes of radio that cannot be turned off. I had one radio, with a battery backup, you couldn’t even unplug the thing to kill it. The only solution was to hold down the sleep button until the timer counted down to 1 min, then wait a minute, then the music would stop. If you held the button too long, it would cycle back to 59 minutes and if you accidentally tapped the button, it would count 1 hour 59 minutes.

So here’s a question: If you are one of the very odd people who use this command, how do you deal with the volume problem? Surely if you’ve set your clock radio up for sleep mode at night, its at a volume and station that you are comfortable sleeping with- how can that same volume and radio station wake you up in the morning?

I hit sleep while trying to snooze this morning, so i unplugged the radio. After re-plugging it, i set the time and then alarm. As i set the alarm i accidentally hit sleep, which put up that happy 59 minutes again. So i whipped the whole apparatus into the hallway, terrifying the cat. I’m not getting up tomorrow.


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