I don’t watch it much, actively, but its often on in the background while im computerizing- which is frequently. The one format i will sit and actually watch is the prime time animated show. i can’t help it; Simpsons got me addicted when i was still young and impressionable. So here it is, absolutely defined, unchallengeable: a listing of the big animated shows from best to worst.

South Park – #1. This is the best satire available on television. Everything that happens on the show, relates back to the plot. Usually, at some point in the episode, the parody becomes obvious to the viewer; not because we’re told what’s being criticized outright, but because every event in the show gives us more information that relates back to the general idea. That’s the beauty of a show where everything is included in the plot- there is ample time to ease the audience into an idea. Thats how the makers of this show are able to make such specific and justified criticisms of things they don’t like. Its how good arguments are formed; this follows from this follows from this. . . , so you’re one of these.

Simpsons – #2. The one thing Simsons has over South Park is the use of random, non plot funniness. I know, I know, i just said in the last paragraph that that was a bad thing. Simpsons does an excellent job of finding the balance. They’ll add randomness, but not so much as it takes away from the plot. Problem is, they’re sometimes trying to find this balance in their humour and politics as well; Criticisms don’t quite go far enough, jokes are a little too tame. Don’t get me wrong, they were my favourite for a very long time, and i still think they’re terrific.

Futurama – #3. This is the ultimate dreamers show. What couldn’t happen on Futurama. The concept is brilliant. Absolutely anything could happen to the character’s surroundings and it would be completely justified. Even the characters themselves can be killed off or whatever- its the future, its outerspace, there will always be a way to bring about normalcy. Many people don’t like this show, well maybe the writing staff hasn’t used this great concept to its full capacity. Its also hard to get into a show that’s so unreliable as far as delivery of new episodes.

King of the Hill – #4. Come on. This show is awesome. But, its a much subtler delivery of humour, and unfortunately many people dont get it at all. Like South Park, they criticize the evils of society, but they do it from the point of view of the everyday person instead of tackling the issue head on; Hank battles ‘Walmart’ in his home town, the South Park kids would have flown to the moon to take out ‘Walmart’ central command. These Texan characters are the most like real people. But thats usually the complaint, “why are they even animated at all?”. . . . Well sorry, that would be impossible. Everyone on the show is ugly by TV standards, these are normal, unattractive, people. What live show could do that? No one would be able to stomach watching it. Can you imagine live actors for Beavis and Butthead! Even when you put Jim Belushi at the center of a sitcom, you surround him with better looking people to balance it out. . . .Besides, Mike Judge’s animation is hilarious- its a big part of what makes the show so funny even if it doesn’t take the characters to impossible places.

American Dad – #5. This show is pretty good. Its fairly political. Its a credit that there are some unique characters in this show despite the fact that this show is fairly new compared to the rest of them. I like how the characters will go to unbelievable lengths to accomplish their goals, but there seems to be a trend developing. They’ve done too many episodes where the dad will go away to trick the mother and proove a point, but miscommunication ensues. All in though, any show with Patrick Stewart is alright with me.

Family Guy – #6. I almost can’t watch this show. A new episode, well i guess, but that’s it. They’ve just taken the whole randomness thing way too far. Nothing pertains to anything else; the plot is an afterthought. They constantly do these long winded gags where everything stops moving and we’re supposed to laugh at how long they’re holding the joke- “i can’t believe it! I think Peter is going to wince about his injured shin for a whole 2 minutes this time. . .that’s hilarious!!!” Followed by the many running gags- Peter fights a chicken, slags about female basketball, the annoying piano guys they keep promising to get rid of. Saturday Night Live type sketch-comedies have always relied on running gags, but every week sketch-comedies are stuck with building something from the same actors and the same props and sets. Not to mention SNL is over an hour long. The sky is the limit for writers of animated shows, they shouldn’t need to reuse the same gag over and over. Are the makers of family guy lazy or unoriginal? And all the cutaway scenes, dear god. A child could trace the animation over the opening scene of Back to the Future or whathaveyou- gluing in Peter’s body. “Brain, remember that time i was a carrot?” Pick a random movie or event, plaster in Peter- there’s a 30 sec joke. The only reason this show is so successful is because it obviously receives the most marketing investment. Seems suspicious to me that the networks push this show the most when its the least creative, least satirical, and least intelligent of the 6 shows.

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5 Responses to “TV”

  1. in my ignorance Says:

    haha yew know it. if i do watch tv i watch it fer humour and nothing else maybe news here and there. well even all these tv shows are getting more animated less funny less ideas. and uses everyday technology like south park playin the xbox 360 etc. blah blah blah its fucking boring. theres less humour and humour i find is a dying thing. what is humour these days,? i have not a fucking clue.

  2. remistevens Says:

    watch the filthy kitchen, there’s some home grown humour for you.

    hopefully all is not yet lost and we can still laugh at things.,
    without it being some asshole comedian who just picks on people and swears alot.

  3. remistevens Says:

    Dane somebody i think? Stupid garbage, not funny, very lame. extremely popular.

  4. in my ignorance Says:

    dane fuckin cook? shitty. i could care less these days about the hype whos funnier and who the fucks richer.

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    […] wanted and started cramming other devices into our clock radios: calculators, phones, computers, tv’s- everything was assimilated. Today, we call these super clock radios ‘cells’ and […]

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