Corporate Welfare

The North American auto industry is collapsing, it seems as though no amount of propping up is going to help it re-claim its former glory. People will keep making cars here in Canada and the US, but on a much smaller scale. The big three are pleading with the public and the government to save them from disaster. Many people’s jobs and investments hang in the balance. Maybe this stems from a simple twist in accountability that’s crippling us:

Within any corporation, those with the most responsibility have the least to loose in bankruptcy.

Sure sure, loosing 100 million dollars is monetarily more than 10000 dollars, but if you’ve only got 10k- loosing everything is far more devastating than a billionaire loosing a fraction of his wealth. Even if say Richard Branson were to lose 99% of his wealth, he could still live out his days in luxury, never having to work a single day. If i lost 99% i’d be homeless.

Sadly this is what always seems to happen. A company goes bankrupt, who gets paid of first? Creditors (rich people). Second? Investors and upper management (rich people). Last? Workers and pensioners. . ..The rich don’t actually go bankrupt when their companies go bankrupt. Sure they may go down a few notches, but they’re not going to experience any real suffering like the pensioner who gets shafted, or the young parents who loose their jobs. If the rich actually needed to give a shit about running a business properly, this wouldn’t be happening.

CEO’s are pleading for help, and we’re forced to listen because we’re the only ones who actually stand to loose something. Open your own goddamn pockets you wealthy bastards! The public is tired of shelling out corporate welfare because somebody’s great great nephew is too inbred and pampered to understand rudimentary concepts like market demand.

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3 Responses to “Corporate Welfare”

  1. How to get Inspiration? Says:

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  2. in my ignorance Says:

    haha well why the fuck are they still making cars? how can anybody afford it these days anyway. it is slowing down buut still look at all the metal being used and there is millions of dollars in a car lot just sitting there rusting to shit. sitting at 10000 to say 100000 just fer a fuckin vehicle. and then nowadays all these little kids got a fucking tv in vans play vid games on road trips. it never was like that when i was a lil shithead. everthings has to be luxurious cuz the rich make it like that. off topic but what the fuck is up with the liberals? i thought liberate was to set free. HAHA motherfuckers changed that shit, now its the rich get so much richer its ridicolous and here we sit waiting and working fer a couple hundred bux a day. thats not fair. theres a fine line and its been shitted on. might as well do something about them cocksuckers. we the people can govern ourselves. DIY OR DIE!! or die trying?

  3. remistevens Says:

    They always try and guilt us by claiming that if we demand fair wages the employers will pick up and build factories in Mexico or China instead. . . ..There is a simple fix to this, but it requires an honest government. Put giant taxes on goods entering our marketplace.

    If Ford takes their operations to Mexico to exploit the cheap labour? We charge them a fortune to bring those cars back and sell them- its so logical its painful. One way or another they will want to keep selling cars here, but then they would be forced to choose between high tax and cheap labour, or low tax and expensive labour.

    Thats what Bush and his buddies were up to. Make free trade between all countries and then you can exploit the poor people in all countries at once. Currencies and costs of living are unbelievably unequal country to country, the opportunity to exploit this for gain is massive. A simple system of tariffs would solve it, but of course our politicians have all been bought long ago.

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