Put them to work

Is it any more likely a convict would spit in my burger than a greasy faced teen?

Up until recently, I’ve always supported the idea of putting people in prison to work. It make economic sense, they’re costing us money so let them work off some of the tab. Same goes for welfare recipients, we allot public funds to assist them and better society, so why not get them to clean up the highways as well, right?

Well. . .its a liability to put these people to work. If they get injured on the job, they can sue. Sure i guess a prisoner might sue if the guards beat him or he’s stabbed with a pencil or something, but the dude on welfare can’t really sue the government for anything legally if all we require him to do is look for work and check in periodically. If its expensive for a small business owner to have insurance for good quality workers doing somewhat dangerous labour, isn’t it going to be astronomically expensive for the government to insure terrible quality workers forced to do similar labour?

Also, it seems like a major security issue. We should not be giving people confined for crimes tools and leave. Even low risk offenders; it seems to defeat the purpose of having a prison. As with welfare, aren’t these people suppose to be looking for work and tending to babies- they need to be putting all their efforts towards improving their situation and sustaining themselves independently.

Biggest problem though, with mandatory labour, is that it sets a terrible standard. What right does anyone have to enforce labour? No I’m not suggesting that here in Canada we would start endorsing slavery if we put our welfare recipients to work, quite the opposite. If welfare recipients and prisoners were all forced into labour, the rest of society would start to take a more sympathetic view towards them. The biggest public complaint about welfare folks is that they don’t work; take this away and they gain respect. This is a problem because welfare is not minimum wage. These workers would be too tired to look for proper jobs or go to school, and they wouldn’t be making enough money to sustain themselves. Basically, they’d be forced to stay in these crappy welfare jobs. Worse still, since these people would be generally more respected than the welfare laz-a-bouts of old, there would be more public support for expanding these programs and less social pressure against sliding down into the welfare class- encouraging more and more people to join the ranks. A growing class of public servants working for unfair wages.

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2 Responses to “Put them to work”

  1. in my ignorance Says:

    hmm well greasy face teenager ha ha ha very very kind…. anyway it may i dunno cost just as much cuz theyd need some kind of extra security to watch the cons. and welfare some ppl need it cuz of this “depression” and they still get money outta this shit. they need it cuz of disability or they cant make money to pay rent/ ive been there and its rough we all get thru the badest of the bad and this shits ferever. and the price of rent. hoooly shit its thru the roof especially in albta. how could yew expect someone to pay 1200 a month with min. wage. and either gettin shitty hours. what the fuck kinda world is this these days. its only about money fiending fucks. well too those who only care about themselves i suppose.

  2. remistevens Says:

    Still better that Tim Hortons be the slave driver who forces regular folks to work 75 hour weeks. I would feel really guilty if our government was employing this type of worker.

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