Greatest Depression Ever!

Worst part of the news is the sympathy crap and the disturbing shit- pet care and traffic accidents. Celebrity news of course being comprised of both crap and shit. When it comes to the real stories, the poorer and more foreign you are, the less tragic is your hardship. . . Unless of course something really freaky happened. When there is a disaster, its difficult to get resources and trained people into the region- a bottleneck develops around availability of local transport and expertise. How many educated people with modern equipment descend upon suffering populations purely for the sake of recording them? Can you imagine if only one guy brought a camera and everyone else brought med packs?


Major news media does a great disservice to society. They’re biased by their corporate masters. They profit from disasters and suffering. They decide the fate of elections, promote fear and fill the public consciousness with useless nonsense. The people running these “news” sources have so many other motivations, that spreading truth based knowledge becomes a very low priority. some examples:


Martha Stewart and Conrad Black. These people are crooks, pure and simple. They are no different than the teenager who works at the variety store up the street and sneaks $20 from the cash register, or the dude with the green visor who fixes horse races. Martha and Conrad stole and defrauded on a much larger scale, but they also have strong media ties- so what happens? They remain darlings. I remember the out-pouring of crying fans for Martha in prison and John McCain surely welcomed Black’s presidential endorsement. – -ha ha, how’s your candidate now bitch!?

Here’s another one: “worst economic downturn since the great depression”. Harper said it, how many times did the news take it and repeat it. This is a completely useless statement. All it does is conjure up visions of people selling apples on street corners, it has almost no relevance today whatsoever. The world is a completely different place than it was 80 years ago. Somebody gives an analogy that has a strong image and freaks people out and the news always jumps on it.


In their defense, maybe they’re just giving the public what they want. “News that matters to you”. If truth matters to you, you could try googling your news or getting an approximation from many sources- but this will take up much of your time. Easier just to flip on the first 15 mins of the 6:00 news and hear “great depression”, which should scare people into cinching their wallets and slowing the economy even more. Well at least we know to go out and buy an apple cart, sell one of the children, and start learning how to make cabbage soup.


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10 Responses to “Greatest Depression Ever!”

  1. exuvia Says:

    Good thinking, good writing.

    Who said: ” In this world you either go crazy or you start laughing”? Is this a crack up or what…
    I’m laughing so hard because this is really scary.


  2. exuvia Says:

    After such a downer, what’s the upper? ok I meant what’s for supper… Food is such a pleaser. We all need it, we all take it.

  3. remistevens Says:

    ok, ive now posted an upside- if you can call it that. check out why not to worry about the economy.. . .

    take care friend

  4. in my ignorance Says:

    so are we really goin thru a depression or what? cuz i still see the government buying and building shit. so what are they really trying to do? what are they hiding? maybe that one day we will find out. just keep poking and poking till they start sweating fear. it wont take much. we all need to unite plot study etc to find the truth.

  5. remistevens Says:

    im still yet to know of a single person whose lost their job.

    For the most part it seems the hardest hit are people who greedily had all their money in the stock market. Oh well, tough shit.

    The real motivation here is fear. Scare the hell out of the public and you can have them go along with just about anything.

  6. in my ignorance Says:

    haha indeed

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  8. ponch58 Says:


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