Don’t blame people, blame Walmart for death

When you’re in a mob, you don’t have a lot of choices- its either keep moving or fall victim to a trampling yourself. Walmart is the cause of their employee’s death; surely his family has already received a massive settlement to make the matter go away. Since there is no union at walmart, there is no one to argue in defense of employee safety here. This will be summed up to people being inhumane, oh and by the way it happened at a walmart (but could have been anywhere).


For a price, this mob could have been well contained and controlled, but profit is paramount to Walmart.


If you’re going to whip up a frenzy, you’d better have proper barriers in place, employees trained on mob mentality safety issues and heavy, heavy security. Rock concerts do this, so do political rallies, why is walmart allowed to let an unsupervised mob form in their parking lot?


Walmart is just as responsible as the night club owners who cause death by having improper emergency exits, or the miscreant that encourages the start of a riot.


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11 Responses to “Don’t blame people, blame Walmart for death”

  1. DylanT Says:

    So you’re saying that we should blame it on WalMart because thousands of merciless people trampled an employee to death? I know WalMart should have had some sort of protection, but it is ridiculous to blame them and wipe the murderers innocent.

    This is the people’s fault, and yet another example of how American people are becoming more and more aggressive. I’d like an iTouch for just $100, but I certainly wouldn’t stomp on people who are already bleeding and not think twice about it and then complain when the store shuts down.

    No. This is not WalMarts fault. It is the crowds fault and overall America’s fault for allowing ourselves to become so materialistic, selfish, and merciless.


  2. remistevens Says:

    Thanks for the comment,

    One things for sure, we both agree that this has stemmed from a society that’s gone an extremely materialistic selfish route.

    I suppose individuals are also to blame, but its hard to imagine what the individual could have done to prevent this. When you are in a mob, you cannot stop moving- you’ll just fall victim yourself.

    There is also a terrible lack of good information when in a mob. Would flashing lights and police be at all unusual at such an event? Most of the crowd probably had no idea what was occurring. As for the people who actually walked on the man, same problem- no good information. In a thick crowd you cant see more than a foot in front of yourself, how was anyone to know they were marching towards a trampled person. You would have no way of knowing the worker was there until you were on top of him.

    On the other hand, there were many things Walmart could have done to prevent this. Hand out numbered tickets, force a single line queue, hire bouncers/police/guards. All of this would cost money, and would slow the frenzy of the shoppers- both things Walmart would like to avoid.

    The more aggressive the crowd, the more competitive they are- meaning they will purchase like monsters- which is exactly what Walmart wants.

    Individuals cannot stop a mob. Mobs can only be directed from a higher authority; in this case Walmart store management.

    Walmart created this mob, Walmart murdered their employee.

  3. Marcus T Says:

    I’m sure that at least 90% of anyone reading this blog has at some point been to a very large concert at some point in their lives. Whether they ventured there or not they must have noticed an incredibly large jump in number of people the closer to the stage you get.

    How many people have been trampled in situations like this? Is the venue to blame? Are the headbanging idiots to blame? Maybe the guy who dropped his bottle of water on the ground that caused the person to slip and fall to the bottom of the hoard of excited humans. I know blame the band because they are playing too aggressively and it’s causing the people to act like idiots.

    I’ll tell you who’s to blame. It’s Walmart’s fault for holding this ridiculous and dangerous event. It’s the cops fault for not knowing how to control a mob. It’s the paramedics fault for not working harder and saving the guy faster. It’s the individual mobsters fault for turning into a bunch of zombies over a cheap tv that will die in a year due to cheap parts that have not been duplicated for repairs!!!!

    Look at the way humans act for money. “Oh my god! Looks like another “recession” is coming. I’d better buy the biggest and cheapest tv I can find to get ready.”

    What a bunch of idiots.

  4. remistevens Says:

    They bankrupted countless North American manufacturers and retailers.

    They build thousands of ugly environmentally unsound warehouse stores.

    They enable the exploitation of workers in poorer countries.

    Now they’re encouraging riots at home.

    This company is indefensible.

  5. Marcus T Says:

    It’s true there is no excuse for the actions of Walmart. In this incident, or in their general practices.

    However, there is no end of blame to be shelled out for this. It’s the way humanity has gone. No individual thought. Mob mentalities. No accountability. If I get hammered and kill someone driving home is it the bar’s fault for over serving me? No! It’s my fault for not making the right choice. Although the poor bartender who makes his living “overserving people” can be charged as though he got in the car and purposefully drove over the victim.

    Corporations are a major problem in humans turning into mindless zombies, but humans seem to be content to leave this situation as it is so they have an excuse not to use their own heads.

    I repeat “What a bunch of idiots!”

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