Night Shift

I’m not lazy, I’m sleeping in the afternoon because i work night shift. Why don’t you day people get this? I’ll get a call at noon: “Are you just getting up?!?. . .sure wish i could sleep in like that!”. Fools! Its not sleeping in if you worked all night and went to sleep at 8am.


I was very clear with my landlord and the men delivering my new stove that i would not be available to let them in until 3pm, because i work night shift (the old stove started lighting itself periodically). Despite my request, i had calls roughly every half hour from 11am on asking if i was available yet to let the deliverers in. . . . ..Ha! I’ve got call display. They can expect a call from me tonight on my 4am break thanking them for my new stove.


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7 Responses to “Night Shift”

  1. exuvia Says:

    It could be a matter of signal strength at the boundary.


  2. exuvia Says:

    Did you just change your blog title?

  3. remistevens Says:

    I’m sure they could have just replaced the igniter on the old stove, but my landlord doesnt know the difference- she often gets hosed by contractors. I’m not gonna say anything, i was happy to get a new stove, means i wont need to clean the oven anymore!

  4. remistevens Says:

    I did change it, is “Bolg” too stupid? Will people take one glance and assume im an idiot? Or have i stolen the gag from Steven Colbert or something?

  5. exuvia Says:

    Hmm. The effect might throw a few people.

    “What does a nice text do in a bolg like this with a bolger like me… ” Humphrey Bolgart

    Trust your instinct

    Greetings Exuvia

  6. remistevens Says:

    ah yes, i knew it was familiar,


  7. Throw out perfectly good goods « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

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