Rich People

When I’m not being several bands, i work long nightshifts in a busy rental place to make my many interest payments on my many debts. Night after night, the place is booked for lavish parties hosted by rich folks, im talking $250 000 lavish. Hundreds of people work to put these things on, planners, cleaners, security, cooks, waiters, technicians. … Of course only the finest foods are served and fresh flowers and booze are plentiful.


How can the people who pay for these things live with themselves? I mean, we’re suffering from global food and fuel shortages and these assholes have the audacity to blow unbelievable amounts of wasted resources and labour on some fucking party- an orgy of indulgence. And sometimes they’ll call it a fundraiser, a Goddamn FUNDRAISER!


Imagine if all these skilled workers had been producing food for the poor instead, in fact, imagine all the people in the world who provide luxury to the rich were providing basic needs to the poor. Shortages solved, immediately, problem gone in the blink of an eye. — but fuck no! Its more important that some rich prick can prove he’s richer than last week’s rich prick.


This is not a systemic problem, do not be mistaken. Don’t blame it on the machine. Don’t blame it on the people who service the rich either, what choice do I and others have? I’m so far in debt I have to do whatever will pay my bills and thats perfect. Those of us who can provide something the rich want, work like dogs, everyone else starves.

No, blame rich people.

And get angry. If they felt even the slightest moral obligation to their fellow man, they’d shoot themselves to feed thousands.


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11 Responses to “Rich People”

  1. in my ignorance Says:

    ha a fundraiser. thats pretty snobby. oooh ya and they talk alll smug n shit and make themselves sound well educated by them using fancy ass words. its pathetic. high class my ass!

  2. remistevens Says:

    my favourite is when they create these exclusive enclaves of information. Something that only the rich can talk about. That way they are guaranteed to sound smug and superior. . . .Ever try to talk about wine or fashion with a rich person?

    As though memorizing a list of overpriced consumer products was a prerequisite for intelligence.

    Things considered when the rich hold a fund raiser:

    1st) Am I going to get recognition? (Plaque on wall, thankyou in newsletter. . . .)
    2nd) Will there be an expensive party to attend?
    3rd) Is this charity cool among my rich friends?

    LAST) Is this a good charity, and how much of my donation will go to helping?

    Fund raisers have everything to do with pleasing the rich and nothing to do with helping the poor.

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  5. The Social Critic Says:

    I bet they justify it by saying they are “creating jobs” for all those wait staff. LOL

    • remistevens Says:

      Absolutely, and the managers talk about it the same way- like they’re doing society a service. . . . We should be grateful to be wasting our lives on pointlessness. . . . I’m happy to have a job, but i don’t have to be happy about the useless work.

      I wonder if the guy slinging a whip in an Asian textiles factory feels as good about the opportunities he’s providing. Creating jobs and eliminating unrest. A fed slave causes less trouble than a hungry, unemployed peasant.

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  7. jennygoth Says:

    the rich stay rich and cheat and get richer just look at every priminister mp or president they know they are on a meal ticket for life and talk rubbish pity we sit back and listen xxjen

  8. RaulSosy Says:

    What’s up everyone! Very good subject and fantastic facts. Would like to congratulate everyone and wish a Happy New Year! The new yr will be a year of the dragon and for Oriental men and women that animal is a symbol of protection and riches


    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

  9. remistevens Says:

    Came by this page for some reason or another, why did i pick that picture for a ‘rich’ party. Dude with blue jeans in the back, frozen beer bottle sculpture, midriff servers, nothing about this seems elitist…Maybe that was the joke, sometimes my humour goes over my head.

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