The Impossible Universe

Universe not Finite

Well, there cant just be a wall out there at some great distance on the other side of which is nothing, cause hey, if its got an other side then that’s something. So people like to theorize that if you traveled in one direction long enough you would eventually get back to where you started. Fine, but how the hell can you travel infinitely in one direction in a finite universe- one doesn’t seem to fit into the other.
More importantly though is the fact that the universe is infinitely divisible- take 1/2 of any thing and you’ll keep getting smaller and smaller things. To infinite divisions anything imaginable could exist in extreme smallness and extreme smallness within those extremes. Seen the end of MIB, orbs within orbs baby, to the max. Universe is not finite cause everything in it is infinite.



Universe not Infinite

Easy, if the universe was infinite, anything conceivable that
could be concocted from the elements we know of would exist
somewhere. Since there is infinite space out there, there are
infinite possible chances for everything conceivable to exist.

It seems pretty conceivable that beings could exist from our
elements who were capable of long space travel and hell bent
on killing other species. If this is conceivable, and the
universe is infinite, then why hasn’t such a super species
come and wiped us out already. Universe cannot be infinite.


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