Nothing is Arbitrary

Well, if somebody made a decision about something, they necessarily had to chose between options. The act of choosing itself depicts an understanding. If you were truly deadlocked, you could not act. Whatever the minute detail is that pushes you one way or the other may be outside of your own consciousness, but that doesn’t mean that a reason for your choice didn’t exist. Remember Jurassic Park where Jeff Goldblum depicts chaos by dripping water on the back of his hand and theorizing which boney slope gravity will pull the water down. Tiny variations in the skin, location of hairs, wind, bone structure- something was the final cause that pushed the water one way or the other. The very fact that the water DID flow one way, shows that there was a reason WHY it flowed that way. Even if you flipped a coin and tried to base your decisions on chance, you’ve based your decision on the flight of a quarter; its an uncorrelated reason, but its still your reason. If you act, you had purpose. Without purpose, no one is able to do anything.

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