Movie Ratings Insufficient

Movies rating systems don’t go far enough. “R” could mean just about anything imaginable might happen in the movie. Sure, you may get a somewhat obscured view of genitalia or the acting is unrealistic, or the injuries and violence seem fake, but narratively, the shocking event has occurred. You may not have seen it happen in real life, but it has been represented in your head. I look at a painting of my dentist, im gonna picture the real dude. I see a movie decapitation, i internalize a real head removal. Now im not the type to lecture about what should and shouldn’t be allowed in movies, personally i don’t give a shit and prefer to pick arguments i can win- free speech is a hot zone with no resolution. I do believe people who are squeamish about certain topics should be able to easily opt out of related movies more easily. By the time you realize you don’t want to watch a movie, you’ve already watched enough to make it unpleasant.

Movies are especially intimate compared to other media. Longer than TV shows with no commercials, biggest budgets, most realistic effects, favorite recognisable faces. . .flashier than a book, louder than radio, bigger than a bulletin board. People should be allowed to know what they’re in for.

Modern world, every type of gruesome or controversial topic is out there already, and we’ve all probably heard of it. In earlier days in the movies, before every topic had been done, maybe i could see the legitimacy of holding something back from the audience. You know, not letting them pre-know that its a movie about molesting dead chickens, so that the shock value makes its artistic point. But surely there’s more they could tell you than what we get now: “sexuality” or “violence”. If its another movie about cannibalism, fine, good for you. Some of us can handle that, some don’t want to. Put it on the rating.

Steven King and Spielberg would have to carry the sticker, “Warning; will probably end in aliens”

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22 Responses to “Movie Ratings Insufficient”

  1. exuvia Says:

    Look! “Flashier than a book, louder than radio, bigger than a bulletin board” it’s…

    Destiny and Hollywood reserve the privilege of surprise. No forewarning; who would spend his buck and his day on guaranteed loathing? The less you know before hand the more likely you are to walk into the box office and disaster.

    Maybe we have an unconscious wish to be screwed virtually; to be shocked and walk away unhurt. It happened but it didn’t.
    The movie pimp sucks up to your wish and makes a flawless living on your visit. You die but live to tell.

    Liked your point of view.


  2. exuvia Says:

    John goes through a selection of movies; Silence of the lamb, Chain saw masacre, The Ring, Chucky, Babe and The Sound of music. He is working out his Personal Movie rating System (PMS).
    Put a check mark in the box which best reflects the state of your mind when watching…

    It is a new industry effort to reach out to viewers. The time of flashing is over says spokesman Harry Traumel; we are no longer going to whip it out without a warning. We are dead serious. There has been too much suffering.

    Within a few months the sensory motor stimuli you will get in movie theaters all over the country is going to be “Your choice, not ours!” as the slogan in the new publicity campaign has it. You go by color code and a personal profile. Should your profile clash with your selection at the box office a digital voice will warn you. After three warnings, that is if you insist, its up to you.

    John looks at his profile: Your statements show that you are ‘green’. We recommend movies like: Robin Hood, Tarzan and Pinocchio, Jacques Cousteau and The 11th Hour***

    *** If you are green, the scenes of forest fires and trees cut down in The 11th Hour may not be suitable for your profile without environmental guidance.


  3. exuvia Says:

    I still don’t feel well after watching the documentary: The 11th Hour.

    Why can´t Hollywood come up with some existential assurrance?

    And then Wal-E.

    I´m thinking, where are my child hood books.


  4. remistevens Says:

    I think its great idea, peoples tastes can be quite easily scraped and organized. Try or or With music it doesnt seem unusual to structure a persons interests. If i go into my lastfm account and pick random radio along my tastes- the system isnt going to play me any death metal. I tell them what i like and then become a great customer by being blinded to the items in the store which do not appeal to me. I get better selections, they get a happier visitor.

    Maybe its the lack of quality in hollywood. They dont want to cater to our tastes because no one would exhibit the natural tendency to enjoy julia roberts.

  5. exuvia Says:

    “blinded to the items in the store which do not appeal to me”

    That is so well put! What a phrase… really enjoyed that one.
    It provokes all kinds of associations. A simple one would be the concept of selective attention in humans and the question of our value as credible witnesses to what has happened.
    A mythological one would be the world as the store and the Soul on a buying spree. And what about chosen or self inflicted blindness – like in faith; blind faith as a virtue – and then there is being blinded by…


  6. exuvia Says:

    In general there are positive aspects to being ‘known’ to the shop you visit; like coming into a restaurant and the person in attendance saying: “Wellcome back Mr… I have your table waiting for you, the usual?” There is a good feel to that. But then there is the down side of a reality show where the world entire knows exactly what you order and watch you while you eat. That is a bit too much. I’m glad I’m not a star. There is a balance between being known and privacy which the internet has to provide in order to serve the dual interest.

    Thank you for the links to look at.


  7. remistevens Says:

    i think a lot of it has to do with the quality of information being scraped from the individual’s life. The ‘maitre de’ who knows my name and favorite table is great, but the waiter who knows my tastes and income may decide to bring me a “special” menu with different prices—or what about the cook who knows im too stupid to distinguish capers from rat poop?

    Ive gotten into this argument with people before about the points reward cards. Sure if they know more about you, they can provide you with better quality results to your demands. Its in the merchants best interest- if they’ve got what i want im more likely to buy. My problem with it is, with too much information, they are able to determine just how much they can get out of me as well. . . .They know i like Archie comics, but id rather they didn’t know that im willing to pay a higher price for them.

    cameras, music players, phones, tvs, gps: these devices are all currently being combined. . . 5-6 years, bank cards, reward cards, health monitors, and whatever other scary thing you can think of will also go into the superdevice. Couple more years, people get tired of carrying shit around, the option comes available for the cell phone implant. mankind goes bionic.

    whats the monthly contract for a brain chip?

  8. remistevens Says:

    retailers are putting billions of dollars into operating these reward cards in prizes, advertising, operations. . . . ..If they’re spending that much on it, it seems pretty safe to assume that they’re the ones who stand to make the most gains from knowing the consumer’s desires.

  9. exuvia Says:

    Soon we will know your life’s history even before you have lived it. “Your DNA obliges us to deny you a visa, parenthood, insurance, a position as a teacher, credit, access to… ”

    “In fact, Sir, Google earth informs us that you have just stepped out of the boundaries set up for your safety, will you please re-enter you house!”

    “Listening to garage bands together with a few other correlates of your day to day activities allows us to conclude with a statistical significance that your membership with us will bring you little advantage. Thank you for calling.”

    The heaving chest of human freedom breathes in and out; we barely managed to free our minds from religious shackles and prompt we are put under sophisticated surveillance and control through the aid of Carl Zeiss, satellites, computer registry, shopping records, chat content and Blog…

    Silence ensues…………………………………


    PS. I still won’t rate reality ‘R’; parental guidance is advised though.

  10. remistevens Says:

    you’ve got a spooky way of putting things Exuvia.. . . .i think the only way im able to find it funny as well is in the reassurance that i’ll be long dead before the truly creepy levels of control are instigated. or at least i’ll be so old that i’ll appreciate the company.

    great analogy. religious shackles, political or technological ones, its all the same shit and always will be: . . . .rich people fucking poor people.

  11. remistevens Says:

    have i gone off topic? wasn’t this about movies or something?

    why do all our discussions lead to the end of humanity in some way?

  12. exuvia Says:

    The ‘Zeitgeist’ my friend.

    Nothing really ever changes. Era’s of more and era’s of less freedom; they come and go in a long procession. Knock, knock, I am the Roman tax collector; have come to levy some appreciation for the Caesar. Or further back: The Egyptian contractor. Get back in line son of Abraham; the stones you carry go up that pyramid…

    Yes, we did take a little detour; a spin off on rating movies to rating people, from knowing your likings to knowing all we need to know about you; from controlling our conduct in order to please you to controlling your conduct to please us.

    Edward de Bono does it all the time; he calls it ‘water logic’, as opposed to ‘rock logic’. It’s the answer to the question “Where does this lead me to?” as opposes to “What is it?”

    I agree, it IS a bit gloomy. Back in High School my history teacher accompanied my questioning with the following phrase: “In this life you either go crazy or you start laughing; you have better start laughing”. Humor is a great way to go.

    The concept of same shackles, different owners of the shop is an interesting perspective from an existential and a philosophical point of view.

    ‘Expansion through limitation’ seems to be the eternal challenge or… go down in drugs, shopping, second life, depression and alcohol.

    A hired soldier, a Brit of sorts, a Cockney to be precise, arrives in Congo. The Sergeant Major receives each man in the line with a few questions. He reaches our man from London, stares him deeply into the eyes, takes his face a bit closer to his and asks: “Did you come here to Congo to die!?” “No Sir! I came yesterdie”

    All the best,


  13. exuvia Says:

    “And the seasons they go round and round. And the painted ponies go up and down” Joni Mitchell – The Circle game

    Each slope seems like the end. On a rollercoaster ride, on your way down, you think you’re going to die. You feel the breath of the grim reaper. But nah, it’s just a bad moment.

    Thanatos always throws a party when things look difficult. People sell their stuff, enter a sect or a tent, build an ark, take poison or shoot themselves in fear of the up- and forthcoming last day (Just don’t point your gun at me). Next day somebody else is riding their horse, reading their books and moving their lawn. All for nothing. Augh! ‘Good Life, Good food’ (that belongs to Nestle) wasted out of fear.

    I do get carried away…


  14. remistevens Says:

    Much to ponder,

    I make an effort to think laterally, even when it goes against all logic, water included.

    Is there an end to human history? Well there has to be, providing you believe in time. Humans are temporally finite, the universe is infinite. The smaller line will always fit into the larger line, humanity will cease. Question remains however, are we purposely moving towards that end? Or do things just happen?

    I can say this much. We’re not doing the things we should be doing to try and prevent our end. Here we are, a group of people stranded on a desert island. We are threatened by biological needs, social problems and a total lack of knowledge of what lies out in the ocean of space surrounding us. For all we know a giant rice crispy square could come from the sky tomorrow and wipe us all out- if only we’d built more missiles in time. . . ..Instead of preparing for the worst, mankind is more concerned with rating the superstars. Can you imagine the small stranded group on the desert island planning an awards show instead of looking for water? The larger the group, the stupider the individuals. Mankind is unfortunately a very very large group.

    Now people can argue to no end about what is good, and what good mankind should be trying to achieve. Should we feed each other, provide comfort etc.. . ..well it seems like the right thing to do, but what if we feed and shelter the next Hitler? Its hard to argue the needs of individuals, because individuals could turn out a number of ways and the worlds got lots of individuals.

    Humanity, well, we’ve only got one of those. If its gone, we all go with it good and bad. Seems to me that safeguarding humanity itself is something we could put our backs into. Ethically, it seems to make sense to protect the only thing you’ve got. If we cease to exist, we surely can’t continue pursuing good.

    Self preservation enables good. We can’t do good since we cannot define it, but surely preserving our ability to do good is good, right?

  15. exuvia Says:

    You just asked all the questions.

    As to the concept of ‘good’ I have lowered the bar and will settle for ‘good enough’. It’s a bit easier to define and easier to obtain. It retains most of the ‘Ur’ quality.

    “a giant rice crispy square” from outer space; I like those things salty, with real butter and german yeast spread and with a huge cup of green tea or turkish coffee.


  16. exuvia Says:

    “We’re not doing the things we should be doing to try and prevent our end”

    I think we are dealing with the the crux of addiction. Pleasure at any cost. The dark Sith.

  17. Alexwebmaster Says:

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  18. remistevens Says:

    uh, Alex. No offense please if i seem suspicious here, but you’re not a bot of some sort are you. Seems like it would be a real easy way to get a large email list by posting this same comment automatically on many different pages.

    My email is available on my myspace page. Please feel free to post the link mentioned and i’ll be glad to check it out and read your material as well. It hasn’t shown up in my stats yet. . . .


  19. Daymon Balser Says:

    Hi Remi!
    What cracks me up is the “Fantasy Violence” warning. -The Basketeere

  20. remistevens Says:

    Oh yea, get everybody excited over gore and blood. Probably enough people fantasizing about violence already.

    And, uh, isn’t it all fantasy? I mean i think Jackie Chan gets hurt once in a while but for the most part it supposed to be fake right?

  21. Daymon The Basketeere Says:

    Yes, but apparently some of us are unable to separate Fantasy from Reality. Or did I mean Actuality (since “Reality” is now scripted)? -The Basketeere again

  22. remistevens Says:

    Fantasy=Reality. . . ..Only on a good night.

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