Building Energy Conservation

Live in a cold climate, a common cityscape has tall buildings shooting steam up into the sky during extreme cold to vent pressure in their heating systems. Solutions? Build a green roof, seal the structure in for winter, and heat it with the excess steam during cold snaps. You could also process and feed the energy back into the building. Maybe have it turn a small generator that charges the boss’s laptop.

If steam is shooting from something, mankind has ways to harness that energy and use it. If this is not currently being done, it can only be because it is cheaper not to bother. I assure you energy is always of some value, but sometimes not enough to be profitable in harnessing. They’ll take oil from the sand, but they won’t yet take it from algae, too expensive. Something like this building boiler steam, its an energy source we already have, but the people who own it are not really in the business of energy supply. They’re not going to waste research money on new technology unless they plan to sell it themselves. . .Fine, so then who do i blame the lennox man?

Ok sorry, today i am not here to offer you solutions, . . .maybe the green roof steam thing, that was alright. I haven’t got the time or money to figure everything out. All i know is there are homeless people who freeze to death and others who are alive because of ventilated energy (sleeping on grates), meanwhile the corporate towers downtown are venting heat into the sky like fireworks.

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5 Responses to “Building Energy Conservation”

  1. Daymon Balser Says:

    It may sound tedious, but these are the things that need to be thought of and discussed if we are to acheive a true green ecology. We can take control of our future NOW. -The Basketeere

  2. remistevens Says:

    its true, there is a lot to be done. Thing is, once these tedious ecological changes are built, its just a matter of maintaining them and reaping the benefits of their efficiency.

    Unfortunately more profit still exists in quickly burning through cheap sources of energy.

    thanks for commenting, The Basketeere,

  3. Daymon Balser Says:

    Hi Remi!
    What’s really disconcerting is the availablity of fossil fuels. Saudi Arabia can go full bore easily for the next 60 years and is doing everything it can to increase oil production as I type. Unfortunately the environment needed help a long time ago and by the time we realized it almost too much damage had been done already. We still don’t know the full impact we’ve had on the environment, and the time for denial is long over.
    Love your blog, BTW! -The Basketeere

  4. remistevens Says:

    Well put, very true.

    Problem with the environment is that its too damn slow. I think the mentality has always been, who cares, it won’t make any massive changes within my life. At the very least we can fairly safely assume that we will not wipe out humanity environmentally during our lifespan.

    On the other hand, you can make $$$ from selling oil today!

  5. Heat « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] Of course you can force the transference of thermal energy mechanically. Air conditioners and Refrigerators are actually just heaters. They create an artificial heat vacuum which sucks the thermal energy out of the cold side of the unit. You’ll notice that anything that creates cool air is blasting hot air out its back side. Most of that heat was removed from the air on the cold side. It doesn’t add cool air to your apartment, it removes heat. […]

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