Poor Obama

Here he is talking about helping the poor and creating a better country and world, and these wealthy asshole investors pull their money out of the markets. “Helping the poor? whooa, count me out of that whole mess. I’m going to buy into gold or China instead”. These rich people don’t need to give a shit about the economy, no matter how bad it gets someone somewhere will keep producing Rolls-Royces and caviar. Obama’s been given some leeway, something no American president has had for a long time. With congress and the public behind him, the opportunity to make some big moves is available.

So what are some options? Obama could nationalize a private bank thats refusing to lend, hold on hold on, don’t start crying ‘socialism’. If you slip the orderly $10 to bring your sick aunt some chocolate pudding, the fucker better not eat it himself. Who do these bankers think they are? Receiving unbelievable billions of dollars and refusing to lend it out to people loosing their homes and jobs! If the government took one bank over, the theory is that the threat of nationalization would encourage the others to start lending. If this were to actually happen though, the wealthy would just take their money elsewhere, cripple the economy further, and return in 2 years or so to wage war on Obama and his socialist regime. Same thing they’ve done to Castro; the US embargo caused far more economic woes for Cuba than socialism ever did. Ironically, while they’re waiting for Obama to fail, they will be banking their loot in communist China. Oh wait, thats not irony its deception.

He could pull out of Iraq, thats an easy one. Leave quickly and start a civil war, leave slowly and people will question his resolve and competency. . . .Of course there are all the slower moves, reshape the economy, help the poor domestically and abroad, repair the US’s reputation. If he hasn’t made some major differences in about 2 years, people are going to start calling him ineffectual- the American public’s got a very short attention span. Good things take time, how fast can they produce wind turbines? All the while he will be sabotaged by wealthy investors, misrepresented by republicans and right wing media, and possibly shot at/blown up by god knows who.

I really hope the best for him, but holy shit.

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30 Responses to “Poor Obama”

  1. remistevens Says:

    Harper is licking his lips waiting for that first leader photo op with President Obama.

  2. exuvia Says:

    Money is selfish isn’t it…

    They say that the Devil’s gold turns into excrement. Is that going to happen at the second coming? Let’s watch out for the alchemical show case.

    The definition of the average attention span of a North American – there is a South – is the time between commercials. It’s an entertainment industry standard.


  3. remistevens Says:

    ha ha, true

    shit, i guess hes really got to move fast.

  4. exuvia Says:

    I do hope Obama will succeed in some important meassure.
    The past was an all time low; ignorance scared to the ballot.

  5. exuvia Says:

    Greed, ignorance and blind faith scared to the ballot.

  6. exuvia Says:

    How do we get the task of education away from the media and back into the hands of rational people? The educational system has outsourced the task of molding human consciousness to the avid bidder of the entertainment industry.

    Professor, Dr. Vogelbaum share your light, your fellow American is drifting off into the twilight zone of immaturity, fear based decision making, uninformed criteria, narrow mindedness, instant gratification, the band wagon effect and gut feeling.

    Democracy is built on the mental strength of the voter, not on numbers.

  7. exuvia Says:

    Forget the Jedi; we need the return of the Greek mind.

    Socrates, would you volunteer for another incarnation? Please, please…

    We need to get a grip on the pleasure principle and crank up the cognitive volume. Knowledge is obviously not enough – the shit is everywhere – we need to bring some understanding.

  8. exuvia Says:

    Have you noticed that ‘Obama’ is not part of the dictionary of Microsoft Word; he gets highlighted as a potential spelling mistake. “Do you want to add this word to the dictionary?” I think we have a ‘last’ here. Bill this is an important matter…

    It could be my version though. Check out your own.


  9. exuvia Says:

    The attention span reduced ad absurdum: “Place your finger here.”

    Thank you for your vote…

  10. Jules Cosby Says:

    I should say that in my mind, America is still one of the best ideas that has ever existed throughout human history. But there are material forces that exist that obscure the idea. This should not come as a surprise.

    My biggest fear about Obama is that his presence will be an excuse for inaction on the part of the average U.S. citizen. The Saviour is here, they may think, so it’s best just to sit back and go back to business as usual.

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who, having had no access to formal education and who work decidedly crappy jobs and long hours, take the time to learn about the issues and be actively engaged in society. I have far less respect to those who choose only to be a part of the political process once every 4 years, and even then only reluctantly.

    Obama’s speeches aren’t purely rhetorical. They have a deeper meaning, and I truly hope he is able to make Americans look at themselves reflexively. They consistently claim to be the best, and perhaps they are, but they should be able to proffer why it is they are so great. If it turns out they do not like what they see (inequality, imperialism, the destruction of nature), then Obama’s mantra of change may sound more appealing.

    Get up off your ass America. You ARE great. Now tell us why.

  11. remistevens Says:

    Nixon Obama Reagan Clinton Lincon whoops, Lincoln, yea- looks like they haven’t entered Obama into my editor either. . . .

    Socialism seems like a decent theory as well, the strength of an idea is often what makes it a powerful tool in the hands of manipulators. “Land of the free”, doesn’t necessarily mean freedom at all costs and freedom for the rest of the world at any expense, but it can be played that way. “Those terrist raqies are thretnin my freedom, imma get em’- whatchu looking at?!”

    Hey, splitting the atom, what a cool new idea. Lets have a competition to see who can build the most massive bomb.

    Jules, what? Are you questioning Obama’s absolute capabilities? He’s going to feed the starving, pay the poor, house the homeless, cure the sick, make everyone like each other, end war, make me dinner, soothe the baby, change my brakepads and clear up the rash on my elbow all by himself and all while im watchin cheers.

  12. exuvia Says:

    I agree with the Idea and the land of the free but will you not also permit that freedom, freedom of the mind, comes with education – higher education – and responsibility? You cannot have a narrow out look and be free.
    I remember a class mate who insisted that Denmark was the capitol of Sweden and that every house in Denmark was made of wood.

    Free to do is not actual freedom. A free roaming baboon on a mountainside is not free in my book. Money also is a far shot from my ideal of freedom.

    If a person greases his mind with the Jerry Springer Show and/or blind faith fundamentalism with a taint of denial of scientific fact how can he be free? Get that mixture? Wow!

    Yes the Idea – the great Judeo-Masonic resume; and I’m fine with that, they produced amazing concepts, is there in the Constitution. But what is the reality of the American individual. He has been granted the freedom to consume. Nay, he has been pushed and held to the source. Credit has been pushed on his unprepared and vulnerable consciousness and he has grown obese nursed by credit card facilities. Is he free?
    To think? With what information? His newspaper is trice the size from the offers of the week. Best Buy, Wall Mart, Home Depot etc; he barely gets to the News in black and white. That is, IF! he gets a newspaper and IF you consider a newspaper an independent and trustworthy source of facts. He is more likely to slouch before a widescreen and zap the news.

    Ok, ok there must be many, some, a few exceptions; still what I describe I consider main stream.

    How close is the people to the founding Fathers and their Idea? Is this: War, greedy bankers, polluting industry, credit card debt, obesity and big brother, not decadence, addiction and helplessness in massive numbers? Who cares about a number One? If he, she or it is rich and great? It is about Society; about ‘us’ as a thinking functioning social tissue. We make the PRAXIS. We do the thinking and we reap the consequences.

    I am for any country and government as long as it does right to its citizens and to the world. One country’s rights end where another country begins and the rights of the state end where the rights of the individual begins.

    The voice of Obama is soothing to my mind, so far. I need to see to believe.



  13. exuvia Says:

    Psst, Bill! your editor! Obama is not in it. Doesn’t look good. People could get the wrong idea. Get my drift? Work on it…

  14. exuvia Says:

    Here is where my doubts could come in; Obama is not Chuck Norris, an army of one.

  15. studiomanifesto Says:

    Everyone do the funky Obamarama! (Not in the editor either).

    I like your thinking on freedom and education. Whenever this topic comes up I always feel the need to add a qualification to “Education.” There is institutional education, and there is independent intellectual, or creative pursuit. Of those two I prefer the latter (indie learnen!). Same reason I prefer to read a blog like this, over say… the Toronto Star.

    From day one our minds are turned to mush through a relentless institutionally driven indoctrination process…not to say you can’t detach from, or identify the propaganda streaming from societies institutional infrastructure. But your going to need to do the work (self education), that will give you the freedom of mind necessary to become more than an indoctrinated cog in an institutional machine.

    Viva La Indie Revolution.

  16. remistevens Says:

    Hey! I’ve probably got more of that institutional education than many of the writers at the star. Difference is, i’ve spent my years following university studying philosophy independently, working blue collar jobs, and pursuing creative endeavors. The cogs are making a lot more money than me now, but i’ve got a much more varied perspective.

    There needs to be some of that institutionally driven indoctrination, especially when it comes to children. It brings everyone onto the same page. But public schools are completely lacking when it comes to philosophy and politics. Its no wonder that many of the highly educated engineers i knew in university had no idea what was going on in the world around them.

    Oh shit guys, were not going to argue freedom are we? That ones a minefield. Basically everyone is free to do whatever they like whenever they want so long as its physically possible to do so. The question is whether the outcome of your actions is worth it. I won’t punch my landlord because i’d go to jail, and feel guilty- eventually. Doesn’t mean im not free to do it. The only real barriers to action are mental obligations- which are hogwash.

    If everyone had a childhood education that taught both societal norms and the ability to think independently we would all be better off. If Americans understood their constitution they would respect and use it.

  17. studiomanifesto Says:

    Agreed. Reform institutional learning, and encourage independent interests. That was a pretty easy problem to solve. What else you got?

  18. Capitalism’s Self-Inflicted Apocalypse - Politicalgroove Forums Says:

    […] Poor Obama « The Remi Stevens Bolg […]

  19. exuvia Says:


    I’m all with you on independent learning; that includes real life experience.

    I find that institutional learning should be a trampoline to independent learning; we should come out blazing from our formal environments with cognitive tools galore, text analysis, an open mind, referential luggage, independent thinking skills, firewalled against propaganda, a couple or twenty of worthwhile dictionaries, a good filing system, good at dialog, creative and full of self respect – and tolerant, at least, and respectful at best of other cultures. We should leave our institutions with a thirst for more, with possible directions of where to find it and the basics like four wheels, brakes, window wipers, lights and fuel for the road. On the road we see it, we get it and we do it.

    That is the ideal…

    But what about the people who come out from formal learning on a tricycle with a video game mounted on the handlebar and an intravenous chocolate drip. They pack a TV guide and a hate glossary and the west or east coast, depending on their location, is the end of the world. Europe is another planet and Iraq is the gate to Hell. They find Truth on a cereal box and/or in a tent meeting and subscribe to an on line newsletter from World Wide Wrestling. They travel to Home Depot, Mac Donald’s or the new movie complex next county. That is one hell of a journey!
    They have settled and live in the land of the brave, they can spell their way through the Best Buy weekly add – it doesn’t come with a newspaper they pick it up in the mail box – and adore Chuck Norris. They feel free and wait peacefully for the second coming* (*Refers to the next episode of Chuck)
    Why look further? Why learn more?

    Should we question perception?

    Again, the privileged that survive the minimal education and enter the happy study grounds of famous Universities, at no low cost to their wealthy parents; do have a chance of transcending the wall between minimal wage and enlightenment; between low income and the price of a good book and a good teacher.

    COST is a fast way to divide opportunities. That makes money the golden key and a yearly income of 50.000 US $ the seal of educational doom. Who can send a child to university with 50.000 $ a year when tuition, the COST of EDUCATION, is 20.000+/- US$ per semester? The cost of beagles, bear and tobacco eat away a third of that.

    Democracy is based on numbers but shouldn’t just be; it is vulnerable to the intellectual preparation of the voters. If they lack ample education their choice will be glamorous but unessential; could even be Bushy.

    I believe strongly in the basics; let every man take his life from there. In order to be independent you have to be prepared. Would you agree?

    I am a sucker for independent learning but never forget a great teacher.


  20. exuvia Says:

    On my Blog I register URL’s of places you can go for images, books out of print, art, philosophy, hard and soft fact, etymology etc.

    If any of you know of an extremely useful recourse which you think an independent learner should know about, do share!

    Would appreciate six or more eyes to my own four.

    I propose a post to independent learning; post!


  21. exuvia Says:

    I feel I owe Chuck a public apology; I got carried away in satire. Each to his own.

    Everything else was the summery of an archetype; I hope nobody fits the picture.


  22. remistevens Says:

    i got through university by directing molten iron flow in a blast furnace.

    I prefer Schwarzenegger myself- but only as an actor of course.

    Money=education, its very true. What baffles me are all these phony little enclaves of information the rich have designed to set themselves apart from the poor.
    Not smart enough to understand science or literature or something worthwhile. Become an expert on wines, or fashion or some shit. Then if you ever get stuck in a conversation with an intelligent poor person you can shift the conversation towards something where youre guaranteed to be the superior. I can’t afford wine worth much over $15 a bottle- and that would be an occasion.

    Exuvia, I’ll get back and check the URL registry, great idea. so many blogs are getting their traffic from having pertinent links. This weekend i have crazy amounts of writing to do though. I may need to post an old myspace blog post to maintain the illusion of presence. We met a producer this week about my cooking show and he wants us to have treatments for 12 episodes by wednesday.

    good god! what is a treatment?

  23. exuvia Says:

    Dressed in fancy clothes and with an expensive bottle in hand he signals his fellow prisoners to his Ivy league certificate; five generations he announces in a solemn tone -“Ye are petty thieves compared with the Wonderbuilts; we got 50 billions of US $ in less than a decade! What have you got to show for your selves?”

  24. exuvia Says:

    “little book,” 1432, probably a shortened form of L. tractatus “a handling, treatise, treatment,” from tractare “to handle” (see treat).

  25. exuvia Says:

    c.1320, “harsh or severe treatment,” from O.Fr. duresse, from L. duritia “hardness,” from durus “hard”

  26. Daymon Balser Says:

    I’ll have to agree with Remi here. And a great start would be to (Gasp!) nationalize our Federal Reserve Bank. -The Basketeere

  27. remistevens Says:

    I love how often Americans are using that word these days. I remember a time when ‘nationalize’ was almost as bad as ‘socialism’- now its in your news constantly.

    We in Canada used to own our main airline and gas station, but they were sold to the highest bidder. Governments in deficit often sell off assets to make it seems as though their miracle deficit smashing budgets are worth re-electing them. Then of course the next government has an even harder time working with decreased revenue from assets.

    We built a toll road here outside Toronto. Then the gov sold it. For shit’s sake, its a slab of asphalt why would you sell it once its built, its a pure profit machine.

  28. exuvia Says:

    Ha, ha, ha

    Shakespeare spoke the unspeakable: “there is something rotten in Denmark” Who was the mole? Who was his source?

    In 1917 Denmark sold the Virgin Islands to the US government in order to replenish a mismanaged state economy. They were broke and opened a garage sale of old colonies.

    Sell a nation as long as it pays, then nationalize and sell again and…

  29. exuvia Says:

    Sell the Islands back to Denmark, they are doing well these days, nationalize KFC and get that bonus back from the insurance brokers celebrating the plan to save THEIR nation by handing out succulent chunks of money to the brethren of fortune; cavalry money sent to avoid a national disaster. “Adam, just can’t tell you what a relief we got from the Government; I was out of my wits as how to pay the pool and my Malibu beach property!”

  30. remistevens Says:

    nationalize KFC, thats hilarious. “What are we havin for dinner ma? Not government chicken again!”

    Its a little strange that there are non-voting US citizens anyways. Cut them loose.

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