Life does not exist

Life is just a dreamt up man made categorization. What “life” refers to is something we need psychologically to reassure us we’re somehow more intentional than a rock falling off a mountain. But sadly, we are no different than the rock. The systems that govern the animate and inanimate are identical; to pick one apple among a row of apples and call it the one with life is arrogant and misguided.

Look at a whirlpool in a river, i think this was some greek business here. A whirlpool forms and what happens? It may edge out it surroundings over time increasing its likelihood for survival. Not out of intention, but just whirlpool nature; it cant help but erode any more than the wolf can hold back its taste for blood. Doing what it does, and if it does it well, it flourishes, expands and creates new subsequent systems both self-sustaining and not. Now remember there are not just whirlpools in the river, but eddies, ebbs and flows. There are even systems we cannot identify. Some of these systems subsist, others are overwhelmed. Flourishing systems are prevalent in all materials both animate and not.

Our biologicalentric viewpoint (biocentric is already another word), makes us want to believe that somehow our physical progression is more interesting than the progression of a mountain. The mountain goes through more detailed changes than a human does, the falling rock breaks off new rocks and reproduces thousands, the whirlpool consumes and grows. But these are the characteristics we posit to life, and here they are existing in not-life. We think that because these characteristics are more easily found by us in “living” objects that somehow these objects have got something special about them. But who are we to say? To an outside observer, the physical changes in the face of a mountain may be a much more unique and purposeful than the physical changes in a human.

Alright fine, so this comes down to whether or not something greater than just what physically happens is happening. Um, is everything just happening as the physics of matter in the universe dictates? Billiard balls hitting billiard balls governing all of everything. Or is there a limit to what we can learn by way of hidden mysteries destined to lie beyond our reach? People ask, life can think, can choose, might have a soul right? The thinking and choosing, well thats really no more complicated than the mathematics needed to explain the exact progression of a mountain. If a rock could have easily bounced west or east, but went west, something minute tipped the scale- in a purely physical universe the bouncing of a brain’s decisions is no different. A certain combination of neurons fired in a progression that brought you to conclusion and action. So what about the soul? Well lets go back to that river. Take a look at the whole river, you see a lot of water just flowing by looking pretty unspecific. But in the whirlpool, well that water seems to stand out. It has something that transcends its existence as water and makes it seem to be a uniquely beautiful system. Of course to appreciate the whirlpool you need human eyesight. Its possible that biological “life” is an equally beautiful system among other systems of matter; the whirlpool in the river, only we haven’t got the eyes to see it. The proof of souls will always be outside of our experiential range, so its an area best left to beliefs and wishes. The shorter version of this is basically: the soul cannot be proven, so it cannot work as a proof of life.

Finally you’re still saying, “well here it is, this is what we call ‘life’. A dog is, but his shit isn’t. If i can point at it, there’s got to be something different about it. screw you remi!”. Please hold back such comments to the end, even fake ones by Black Rogers. This is just another argument trying to answer the question of what life is from a very subjective viewpoint. Try the whirlpool again, if it comes in contact with a whirlpool system like itself, or a system of rock molecules all bonded together, its behavior is going to change. A whirlpool can’t point, but its change in behavior is fundamentally the same. It encountered something and had a response elicited in itself, there is no difference between my pointing and its gurgling. We meet systems similar to our own, and our similar structures make us relate closely to each other- we operate upon the same playing field. A whirlpool is going to have stronger interaction with another whirlpool than it is with a tree on the shore. What we’ve construed as specially complex, is really just subjectively pertinent.

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15 Responses to “Life does not exist”

  1. Black Rogers Says:

    Life’s a Bitch Fuk3r!

  2. exuvia Says:

    “…whether or not something greater than just what physically happens is happening.”

    “…only we haven’t got the eyes to see it.”

    Normal eyes do not ‘see’ it; that is a well established fact since Biblical times; “…eyes and see not, ears and hear not”

    “The proof of souls will always be outside of our experiential range”

    What if that depends on the ‘road’ we take; if we go by the ridge or the valley and what means and methods of observation we choose.

    What if the human senses could be compared to the Bell 103 modem by AT&T; a full-duplex transmission modem with a speed of 300 bits per second or 300 bauds used to interface with the super highway of information; my brain is hardly getting anything of what is going on. A much to narrow view on things I would say, wouldn’t you? It’s a hypothetical example. Truth of course is a different matter.

    I love how my body and the dog shit became two feathers from the same bird; I agree. My flesh was nurtured by cow’s manure, which was picked up by a carrot or a green lettuce which my mom, or later on, I ate; from one dust to another. Our bodies have arisen from that mountain you talk about with a little help from our friends.

    Look at the swirl of stars out in space and the whirling Dervish; they have something there; something in common with your whirlpool.

    best of greetings

  3. exuvia Says:

    Remi, you are one productive ‘Bolger’!

    Do you sleep… between song writing, gigs, girlfriend, posting, paying rent and building your financial fence? Do you have an alien brain, carry a portable coffee drip or abuse those ugly mixtures like Monster, Red Bull or V220; direct from Brazil?

    Here is my recipe for a safe landing V8; spicy Uhmmm! and sleepy time tea bags from that company out of Boulder Colorado.


  4. exuvia Says:

    @ Rodgers

    Excuse me for asking but are you the Mr. Rodgers?

    If you are I really enjoyed your TV Show in the after noon. I am a big fan of yours.

    Why did you stop? Color was just around the corner.

  5. remistevens Says:

    Ah yes, take the best road available. Works great if such a road exists. But i don’t see any reason why there couldn’t be things which exist but remain ever and always outside of our limited bandwidth. No method of observation can give us the eyes of gods- yet gods with sight remain a possibility.

    I suppose there is no point in exploring that which can never be seen. Truth can only be comprised of what is available within your universe.

    Although from quantum mechanics they’ve shown that pure observation itself can elicit change in the observed. So if gods are watching, they are connected to our universe- and if they are connected they are not outside of our range.

    I suppose the only truly inaccessible being would be with us mutually blind. Why talk about whats in the box if the box can never be opened?

    Sleep? Not at work, never! I caught a few hours yesterday afternoon.

    I’m a big fan as well, always watched that show when i was younger. Although my favorites were definitely the Muppets and Dr. Seuss.

    Black got his name from my favorite local billionaire. Ted Rogers of Rogers communications, and phones, and tv, and buildings and everything Toronto.—The guy bought our beloved Skydome and threw his own last name onto it, now having the boring name Roger’s Centre. Like every stadium in every city “(Corporate Name) Centre”. . . . I’m going to buy the CN tower one day and rename in the Sotnikow Shaft.

  6. remistevens Says:

    Where do i find the time?

    no kids, no mortgage

  7. exuvia Says:

    The question is: Can the box be opened? be shed for a moment?
    People have tried drugs like LSD during a Catholic mass. I don’t believe in that method my self but it goes to show that there are people who try …to open the box.


  8. exuvia Says:

    Fascinating subject

  9. exuvia Says:

    Remi, drop by at your Global Dashboard. Go to Profile and find Contact Info. Enter your WordPress direction and watch the wonder of WordPress.


  10. exuvia Says:

    It woooooorked!!!!!!

    Thanks to Anthony at WordPress

  11. exuvia Says:

    In future your comments will allow others to go to your site to check you out on your own court.

    Advantage Conners!

  12. remistevens Says:

    and does it work?

  13. remistevens Says:

    ah yes it does, great suggestion. . .

  14. westwood Says:

    Interesting discourse, but the terminology is a bit confused. Life by any common definition still exists, life being animate collections matter. What you’re speaking to is mechanical determinism.

  15. remistevens Says:

    Hi Westwood, thanks for stopping by,

    I think you’re right, i was relying a bit too much on determinism here, but its pretty hard to deny that some form of causality is governing the interactions of matter- even while the unpredictable may be poking its head into the equation. For humans, freewill certainly seems to be something that breaks the deterministic model, but what if the uncertainty principle is like a freewill for mountains, or worse yet, the foundation of human freewill? If this were the case, it seems that biotic and abiotic systems are virtually the same- governed by simple physics as well as magic forces beyond our current experiential range. Particles are always doing something; all matter is essentially animate. The rock, the carrot and the man are all comprised of systems of interacting matter plus a concoction of the unpredictable. Our unpredictable nature (freewill) may be no more interesting or different than that of the rock (quantum mechanics).

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