Rats with your groceries?

Loblaws at Dupont and Christie re-opened yesterday: Now serving fresh “meat” in the butcher section- very local supplier. Does anyone actually believe that a massive grocery store could be fully sanitized and rid of pests all in one weekend after an infestation?The store was obviously extremely negligent, why are they being trusted to do a quick clean up? You wait, two weeks tops and the food safe sign in the window will be green again. These are the Westons we’re talking about, the extremely rich don’t fuck around with getting things done fast- especially when its to save face. Expect many ‘Loblaws fresh’ ads to circulate for a while to fill the gap as the Maple Leaf Foods ads are finally subsiding.

How was the place able to continue operating without anyone working there addressing the problem? It took a customer seeing a rodent cross over the almond display to alert authorities, all the while the city of Toronto kept certifying the place as A-OK. This is a major major food source, not like a restaurant or variety store or something. Thousands of people on a daily basis were eating food from this store. If these inspectors are investigating closely enough to know the guy at Raba doesn’t wash his hands before making the daily dozen sandwiches, why can’t they notice the hundreds of rats infesting a much more sensitive link in the food supply chain? Who is benefiting from looking the other way?

If these greedy corporate assholes are going to corner the grocery retail market absorbing billions of profits, they have a responsibility to at least keep the damn rats out of our food.

9 Responses to “Rats with your groceries?”

  1. Marcus T Says:

    Maybe they were keeping the rats as pets. Or better yet, store mascots.

    Everyone loves cute furry animals don’t they. What better then to have a mascot from the same family as Mickey Mouse?

    I wonder how many rats run wild at Fiesta Farms? Do you think it would make the news if they were shut down.

    I’m gonna start growing and raising my own food. It’s the only way to be sure.

  2. Jules Cosby Says:

    Yeah but at least at Fiesta Farms they practically advertise the rats with the Tide and the popsicles.

  3. remistevens Says:

    Rats at Fiesta? I don’t think so. Its obvious the management there is passionate about food quality- its how they’ve stayed in business so long. Difference being that the owners of FF are closely watching the store and its practices; the owners of Loblaws are probably only barely aware that they even own grocery stores. “Really? I thought we owned lumber yards?”. . . . “Its both darling”. . . . Mr Fiesta doesn’t have the cash to pay off inspectors either.

    How are the mascots at the Dunnville price chopper M T? Once the rats at Loblaws start going stale they ship them out to your grocery store right?

  4. Marcus T Says:

    True nuff. But in Dunnville the rats get put on ice in the deli department, right next to the salmon and lobster wheels.

    Was it Robocop 2 with that awesome song about rodent eating? “Guts in a cup. Yum!!! Rat on a stick. Wow!!!!!”

    I really want a Tide popsicle right now.

  5. jim smetchland Says:

    if it drips while your eating it, it cleans itself!

  6. studiomanifesto Says:

    Greedy corporate rat bastards! Don’t they know rats are out of season?

  7. exuvia Says:

    The year of the rodent:

    “The Rat (鼠) was welcomed in ancient times as a protector and bringer of material prosperity” Wikipedia

    Hail the icon of corporate prosperity…

  8. remistevens Says:

    The ancients didn’t understand disease and germs very well.

    I thought the icons were a bear that devours everything, and a bull that. . ..well you know what bulls do.

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