How to copyright all your best shit free!

Prove it, 8 simple ways to own your intellectual property!!! Hey, so if you’ve been coming around a while you may remember i did a post about blogging where i recommended as a “tip” that its good to start off with something really flashy to catch people’s eyes and to look the best when showing up abbreviated on link pages. Here i have used the word “shit” to give the bolg some zing and the promise of “8. . . ways” is surely more alluring than the reality of 3 half-assed ways, one of which isn’t really for copyrighting.

So, easiest way to prove you created something first; you mail it to yourself. It’s not a legal copyright of course, but its dated by a federal institution and can be opened in court if you need to. The poor man’s copyright, i always mail Remi tunes to myself, i’ve got a briefcase of unopened mail full of CD’s., i often mention how great this site is. They too date when you upload, and i’ve heard that they will let you use this against a potential rip off band if you need to. Sorry, i guess this copyrighting only applies to music, hey i said this was going to be a pretty lame. Anyone who really needed something good has left by now. . . . .

Man do people ever get this one wrong. Taking a picture of something with a newspaper doesn’t work. . . ..Think about it, why couldn’t you get an old newspaper and say you took the picture back whenever the paper’s date was, . .. come on people . .. I am, however going to take a newspaper picture of my apartment. Proving something remained in a certain state up until the date of your photo works well. I suppose you could take a picture of a newspaper with the intellectual property you hadn’t yet created to prove that up until the date of the photo you were not yet the creator of the work.

Trying a new thing here, if it works, I am going to try and fit a different song onto each new post + the best old ones. Also some reworking of the best posts list and such coming up so that our heated discussions and hot talk aren’t lost to the brutal last page. . . . where the manure pile seems to envelope the whole screen. Does that happen on other people’s screens or is it just my shitty mac?


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12 Responses to “How to copyright all your best shit free!”

  1. Marcus T Says:

    It’s just your shitty mac. Mine works fine.

  2. Marcus T Says:

    Copyright that, Mofo!!!!

  3. remistevens Says:

    you’re kidding right, i was just joking about it being on my end. How is that possible?

    you know what i mean? keep clicking “older entries” until you get to the last page and somehow the background takes everything over! yes, no

  4. exuvia Says:

    Music! I love it.

    I’m getting one of those.

    A shit pile… the search is over. I was raking my brain as to the golden brown blur at the rim-e-stevens bolg; I was thinking the straw man from yellow brick road on his way to the wizard of Oz. A manure pile, what a relief; I kept an open mind. It was worth the wait. Truth shall set you free. Now that I have my cognitive powers back I am at a loss as to what to do with all my time.

    Black, are you there?

    Ah, I’ll just go to the dentist.

    PS. I played the instrumental twice; liked it.

  5. exuvia Says:

    I’m back from the dentist; augh

    Checked in to listen again. You have a winner.

  6. exuvia Says:

    I want more music.

  7. exuvia Says:

    Since I began my sessions with Black I have become more assertive.

    Does it notice?

  8. remistevens Says:

    More music!?!!!? Blood from a stone man, i live to give, but i’ve only got so much. . . ..well actually there are countless other tunes i could and will add on to here eventually- can’t show all my cards at once.

    Too many bad cliches, I worked last night so it is now very very late for me.

    got to work on a new post, coming up on my 5 day maximum deadline. lets see, whats in the news. . . .skin cells into stem cells- that’s pretty damn interesting, i’ll see if the subconscious can deliver up something about that while im sleeping.

    Most of Black’s instruments are synthetic, uh, synthesized. Is shouting obscenities an instrument?

    Seriously dude, thanks for continuing to make my follow up discussions interesting. Black and i tried to have a conversation, but he gets confused when i spell words with an “E” where there should be a “3”.

    The best to you and your teeth.

  9. remistevens Says:

    The wordpress audio code is very simple:

    [audio fileurl]

    If you want any of my tunes, anything at all, from here or garageband or myspace. . . .even black rogers on myspace. just let me know, i’ll add it to my fileden account and you can link to it.

    no pressure of course, some al green would do wonderfully on your blog as well.

  10. exuvia Says:

    I’ll come around to putting a bit of music on my blog. It seems nice to be able to provide a richer experience for real people taking their time to come by.

    Really enjoyed your music. Be happy to wait for your next installment. Even stones can bleed to death.

    Thanks for visiting at my place and your generous offer to use your material. Really appreciate it.


  11. David Scott Says:

    Another site like is The nice thing about registeredcommons is that it isn’t just about music. Again, it’s not “official” like paying the fee to get an actual copyright certificate (though I have no idea why that’s supposed to make a claim better, given that, at least in Canada, you don’t actually have to send in the audio recording to register a song/album you recorded). I’d rather have something timestamped on a server for free than a piece of paper with the name of a song on it that costs me sixty bucks if I ever had to deal with someone ripping me off. BTW, though registeredcommons is very much pushing the CreativeCommons license, you don’t have to accept this to put your work on the site. You can accept a regular copyright. It’s just not the default. Good article!

  12. remistevens Says:

    Interesting, thanks David.

    I’m pretty in the loop, but i haven’t checked out yet- i will be sure to open an account over there too.

    Listening to your tunes right now, Very Cool. Im liking Clowns and Criminals especially. Man, i’ve been trying to work on a novel about supervillians and lazy superheros for years, can never find the time- sounds like you’ve had some interesting experiences to work from.

    There are certainly many places looking to push the creative commons license these days, it makes sense what with the internet and all. People are going to continue to have very easy access to music, we as artists might as well go with the flow and give people what they want. What is important, however, is that we get our fair share of the profits if someone uses our music for gain. The CC license doesn’t punish the fans or remixers, but protects us from corporate- i think its great.

    Intellectual Property is having its own socialist revolution. With the CC license, intellectual property is going to look a bit like labour. Something intangible, but valuable with a guarantee that a major part of the revenue goes back to the worker/creator. I think i feel another post coming.

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