Stem Cell Research

So now they can create stem cells from human skin cells eliminating the controversial use of embryos. Sure, sure, i suppose it is still controversial to play god and design human body parts. Embryos were a real pain in the ass to acquire, now they can just use an ass. Oooh, or here’s a tip on where to obtain the new resource- cosmetic surgery clinics. Some wealthy socialites extra face skin might actually do some good for someone.

Damnit, whats the name of that ship? The greek philosophised one? Takes many long journeys needing to be rebuilt and repaired in every port along the way. Eventually, every part of the ship is replaced- the crew, the planks, the mast, the sails. . . . ..Question remaining: should we change the name as well? The problem relates well to the human situation. Every 7 years every cell in your body is completely replaced. Technically, after 7 years, you are comprised of entirely different matter than you were 7 years previous. You remain the same person somehow even though physically you are a complete replacement.

So lets take that problem further. Suppose something requires you only get cells from your brother. Being the older weaker sibling, over the years you get every part of your body replaced with a piece grown from your brother. Somehow you remain you despite every part of you being your brother. Freaky right?

I’ve long had this dream that one day, when i’m rich and famous enough, i would start collecting embryos. The plan was that i would have my skull removed and have stem cells gently laid upon the outer surface of my brain. As the cells adapt and become part of the whole, more and more cells would be laid onto my brain creating an ever increasing density and size. Eventually i would become so super intelligent that i could just look at a hospital (or wherever pregnant women congregate. . ..maternity stores, ice cream parlors?) and have all contained embryos sucked out and drawn to me using telekinetics. Growing stronger, growing larger eventually all embryos would be mine.

With this breakthrough and the collapse of the embryo market, embryo using technology will certainly fade from modern science. My evil schemes have been shattered.

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14 Responses to “Stem Cell Research”

  1. remistevens Says:

    whoops, shit the bed here. Taking way to long to post. . . .working on finishing a new album of sample music and such. Union meetings, doctor appointments, moving etc. . . .If i do get hand surgery, i’m going to need to type up many posts ahead of time so that my incapacitated time seems seamless. . . .sorry thinking out loud on paper which is electronic and silent.

  2. Marcus T Says:

    If the ship lost its crew first, I’m pretty sure the new captain would rename the ship. He’d want it to be a legacy of his own creation.

    Although how famous was this ship? Maybe he was in secret, a “loser” captain, riding the coattails of the famous ship.

  3. remistevens Says:

    Its all the same ship man!

    Its like a Gulliver’s Travels type story, but obviously done a couple thousand years earlier. May have been Odysseus and then a philosopher used him as an example- but i don’t think so.

    he can re-name it, but does the ship really take on a new identity? I can keep calling my doctor dr magoo, but it doesn’t mean the name has to stick.

    Even the super famous ship. We replace the planks slowly, the name would remain- even when all parts had been replaced. But if we parked the ship and dismantled it to build a ranch, the ranch would not hold the same name would it?

  4. exuvia Says:

    I am thrilled with reading a good post and listening to music. THIS is the way to ‘bolg’. What a user experience: FIRST CLASS

    Keep the standard; forget the rush.

    I’ll board the ship later this week, regular passenger; no stowaway and not as a pirate.


  5. exuvia Says:

    “still controversial to play God”

    Not for long.

    To become a usurper of throne and privilege was ever easy for a Prince. A few of them ventured to kill the old man to help Time be on their side.

    Entangled in POWER you forget.

  6. remistevens Says:

    Thanks dude, ive got lots more music than posts, but that will even out eventually- text is faster than audio. . . . .

    Always interesting comments, appreciated. Poetically stated.

    We all become the old man, time is on no ones side.

  7. Jules Cosby Says:

    Where does the subject come from? What makes a self?

    Question like these certainly can’t be addressed or resolved from the continued replacement of matter, unless each individual cell contains an infinitissimal fraction (in the trillionths) of the human-self. But then that gets discredited as soon as you start to factor in the decrease in cells that come with aging, or the loss of a limb. While changing your body composition, no one would credibly argue that body completely determines self.

    If our legal system were based purely on biology, then, if your replacement rate holds, if I committed a crime 8 years ago, I would have to be exonerated because the cells that came together to pull the trigger are no longer in existence. Obviously from a societal point of view that simply isn’t going to cut it.

    Our rational society goes to impressive lengths to ignore the metaphysical, much in the same way that we forget the sewer systems that keep civilization afloat.

  8. remistevens Says:

    I owe society nothing, i poop in the street.

  9. remistevens Says:

    your comment crashed my mac, i should get a new one. . . .[link

  10. remistevens Says:

    The infinitesimal fraction idea is interesting. Suppose that self were like a ticket, or a family last name. Rockafellers are still Rockafellers, and the Grace Jones ticket i scalped changed “one lucky fan” from me to some dude on the street. Something physical getting passed along from our old matter to our new matter that we just don’t have the scientific capability to recognize yet.

    Or you could use a monistic approach. There may be an element of all selves within every piece of physical matter. When matter is grouped into a whole of some sort, like infinitesimal particles are able to activate and create the identity.

    I think i’ve probably gone on this rant before that there is literally just as much existence possible in the infinitely small as there is in the infinitely large. Space has no limits, no references, no standard for size.

  11. Jules Cosby Says:

    The only problem with advocating a monistic approach is that no one since Freud (and even those who largely disagree with him) has really believed that the “self” is a singular, wholly unitary phenonemon. But maybe stem cell research will teach us that our consciousness comes from some cells, and our unconsciousness from others. My desire to listen to Hall and Oates? I don’t know if science will ever be able to tell us that.

  12. remistevens Says:

    Its true any singular seems to be unlikely, but at the same time there are groupings of things in the universe which seem to be one.

    Certainly there are groupings of matter we feel comfortable continuing to declare as a unit despite their fluctuating nature.

    I just can’t accept the “we got an eclectic new sound” definition for metaphysics. If we’re all going to go around declaring that things are something, especially physical structures, we’ve got to accept that we are pointing at some sort of individual thing. Otherwise the whole universe is wishy washy mish mash, all things being a little of this and a little of that.

    We need to define things as things to allow us to discuss further.

    That said, if they were to stem cell up a new Remi from the scab on my knee, would it be another me, or a clone, or someone else?

  13. remistevens Says:

    on the other hand, everything is connected. So how can it be anything else but a singular whole. one giant system

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