Support our Troops, not our war.

Defense is popular

Canada, we have a reputation as peace keepers- destroying the enemy is not peace keeping. We should only be engaged in defending peaceful citizens and providing aid in Afghanistan. As soon as you hunt someone down, even a bad guy, you become an aggressor. Once you become an aggressor, it is very easy for your enemy to find new recruits and motivate themselves. If all you ever do is defend, and truly just try to keep the peace, you will gain sympathy both locally and internationally for your cause. Aggression, even good intentioned aggression, is not acceptable to many human beings, pure and simple. This represents a large percentage of all populations. So long as Canada is hunting down an enemy, we will not be respected by these individuals.


You people are so full of shit. Say what you mean losers.

In response to this, pro-war individuals would say that by being non-aggressive we loose the respect of another large slice of all populations: people who believe its our duty as a wealthy nation to attack those who cause suffering. But surely those who support aggression can accept a mandate of defense- the army will still need to fight and die as defenders, i assure you.


Shaping nations is about getting popular support, aggressors fail to understand this. How do you get everyone on board? You must strive to cause the least amount of offense to both ends of the spectrum. Use the strategy everyone can reluctantly agree to rather than the strategy that completely alienates one side. Pro-war individuals feel that the defense only strategy is inefficient, but the peacenik absolutely abhors aggression. Both sides can only reluctantly agree to a purely defensive strategy.


If we all had one of these to defend ourselves, the world would be a better place.

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10 Responses to “Support our Troops, not our war.”

  1. Conservative Jerkwad#1 Says:

    To call Canadians ‘peacekeepers’ degrades our military history- we’ve done far more than just peacekeeping. Anti-war protestors like yourself are always trying to say that we should try and reason with the Taliban and be diplomats. You can’t use diplomacy on these people, they don’t want to talk they want to kill us. Also, if we don’t show some military capability, what nation is going to want our help as peace-keepers anyways. If we truly are supposed to defend a surrounded good guy, why aren’t we in Isreal?

    Remember, in WWII we defended ourselves by attacking germans in Europe. Defense does not need to be done on the homeland.

  2. remistevens Says:

    Please don’t subtly misquote me to try and make a point; I said we have a “reputation as peace keepers”- this hardly degrades our nation’s military history. Most people are proud of that reputation.

    I made no claim that we should try to talk to the Taliban, that’s such a lame defense of the Afghanistan mission. No one is looking to reason with the Taliban, the purpose of peace keeping is to vilify the enemy and gain sympathy for ourselves. You cripple the enemy by removing their local support.

    If we continue to be aggressors we will no longer be welcomed as peace keepers abroad.

    Your argument that we can be defending Canada by attacking people on the other side of the world is ridiculous. Please don’t use the tired WWII reference again. The Taliban are not the Nazis, they have not conquered our allies, they are not a threat to conquer the world.

    Isreal? One side uses rockets the other uses cluster bombs. Both sound like aggressors to me. Please don’t argue this its off topic. Send our troops elsewhere, fine, but as peace keepers.

    You’ve managed a detailed post that in no way responded to what i said: defense gains the most popular support.

  3. Conservative Jerkwad#1 Says:

    That’s because i have no good argument against what you have said.

  4. remistevens Says:

    Well, I am considerably more intelligent than you are.

  5. Conservative Jerkwad#1 Says:

    This is very true.

  6. Marcus T Says:

    Some people feel it is necessary to “soup” up their cars with flashy chrome, lights, mufflers that sound like the car is breaking down (but man is it ever loud! AWESOME!!!!)

    Other people enjoy changing their oil, rustproofing their undercarriage and making sure their tires have ample tread depth.

    You can try and convince the former that what they are doing is not in anyway beneficial to the integrity of their automobile but the reality is noone’s head is going to turn as they drive their taurus wagon down the road at the speed limit.

    People that go to war get public recognition for their “deeds”. Television appearances, parades, medals.

    Peacekeepers merely get a sense of self worth and importance.

  7. remistevens Says:

    There’s a little bit of public respect, but yea its pretty lousy by comparison.

    Defense is pretty boring. I mean, at its greatest level of success. You stayed in one spot and managed to not have to move.

    Still, defense wins games.

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