You can’t invade a foreign country, overthrow the government and term it as ‘peacekeeping’- its ridiculous.

Today, I’m not going to argue about whether or not us ’have’ nations should be out spreading democracy to the rest of the world. I only want to take issue with the improper use of the term ’Peacekeeping’. American led forces invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, overthrew the existing governments and oversaw the establishment of new democratically selected leadership. Now we are staying in those countries to ensure the new government can rebuild and survive.

Peacekeeping is objective. Peacekeepers are dropped between two opposing forces in an effort to keep them from fighting and mediate their differences. If our forces participated in overthrowing a government, even an evil government, that is NOT peacekeeping. We chose a side, we are not objective.

Some Canadians would like us to believe that its business as usual for our ’peacekeeping’ Canadian troops. Morally, even if we are doing the right thing in Afghanistan, it isn’t peacekeeping. Peacekeeping is always defensible, we all should want peace, naturally; trying to preserve something good is itself good. Again, i am not saying here that what we’re doing is wrong, it just isn’t as easily defensible as actual “peacekeeping”. The pro-war side just uses this term to circumvent the moral debate.

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14 Responses to “Peacekeeping”

  1. exuvia Says:

    We swim twelve rounds a day in a pool of euphemism. We make crime look like bad luck and beating you up as if it was for your own good. We take away the edge of ethnical cleansing, and look socially conscious with our 1 Cent pledge to combat illiteracy for each mercurial battery sold.

    Aaaaaaah; if you can get it out of my mind you can continue without making me upset.

  2. remistevens Says:

    Something like the low fat chocolate bar. . . ..uh, sugar?

  3. exuvia Says:

    The sugar euphemism’s out there can allegedly be pretty bad for your health. The devils gold again.

  4. remistevens Says:

    I’ve got nothing against sugar, but it does make adults fat and children intolerable.

  5. exuvia Says:

    I haven’t bought white sugar for 25 years. We feed on freeze dried raw cane sugar which come loaded with minerals and vitamins. My wife and kids have seen me undergo a complete personality change. I am no longer writhing on the floor in a fit of obscene self will and ‘Hydish’ facial contortions trying to manipulate the world to favor my interests. I’ve become Mr. Rogers; a self composed, sweet person looking and listening with interest to my surroundings. Sounds Good? Go Cane!

    I say to our soldiers: You want to keep the peace at home and abroad, Give them cane! it’s the sweet way to go.

  6. remistevens Says:

    oh we get the raw sugar as well, i just find it tastes better. white sugar is sweet, but there is no flavour. even raw sugar is still an extremely concentrated energy source though. It’ll make you fat and give you diabetes as well if you overdo it. Although i guess that could be said about almost anything. I’ve even heard drinking too much water can be bad for you. im off topic

  7. irishpresidency Says:

    I originally thought this was about the United Nations.

  8. remistevens Says:

    The UN peacekeeping force, first conceived and implemented by a Canadian Prime Minister: Lester B. Pearson.

    • irishpresidency Says:

      Eitherway, they are pointless in Ireland’s case. They send they’re soldiers and yet have no sufficient defence.

  9. remistevens Says:

    Plenty of positive change enacted by UN peacekeepers, if you’d like to read about their missions please see the 63 UN peacekeeping missions here:

    Now if you’re talking about what your troops (and Canadians) are currently doing in Afghanistan, yes, they are absolutely engaged in pointlessness. Unless of course you consider making massive profits for billionaires a legit reason to fight a war.

    Actual ‘peacekeeping’ is something any country should be proud to participate in.

  10. irishpresidency Says:

    Thats easy for to say, Ireland can’t defend itself. Thats why I don’t agree with these missions.

  11. remistevens Says:

    Sorry friend, I don’t think i quite understand you. Are you worried someone is planning to invade Ireland? If anything, troops out doing peace missions will have more experience than troops sitting at home.

    The more peacekeeping your soldiers do, the better they’ll be at defending Ireland- if it ever needs defending.

  12. irishpresidency Says:

    No, those missions do not make good soldiers. That is a misconception.

  13. remistevens Says:

    Explain to me how a soldier swinging on a jungle jim back home is gaining more valuable experience than a soldier in mortal danger using live ammo?

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