Bullshit Copyright Laws

Hollywood chins were loosing revenue and tits through pitch correctors were leaking profits. Governments were forced to step in and ensure that good money can still be made from bad content. So we get stricter legislation on intellectual property to protect artists. Whoop dee do. Doesn’t protect me from shit, if anything it just makes getting movies and music an expensive pain in the ass. I’m not selling anything so this law provides me with nothing i need. I’m just trying to be an artist and get my fake names out there. So now, if i have to spend money on something i used to get for free, the added expense is going to cut into my already slim music production budget; consequently this law is then hurting me as an artist.

Quick run on the numbers, are there more poor artists like me or Superstars?

Not to mention artists whose art is about remix.

Bullshit law. It’s to help the rich get richer. Then they turn around and use that money to monopolize the media and exclude struggling artists who actually need propping up. bastards.

All tracks in this post were written and performed by Remi Stevens and the Gang of Thieves.

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15 Responses to “Bullshit Copyright Laws”

  1. Marcus T Says:

    C’mon man! You know that everyone has to make money for everything.

    If you don’t make money doing something then it isn’t worth your time!!!

    I’m gonna go play video games.

  2. remistevens Says:

    Seen the wizard? Heard of Beta testing?
    There are ways to make money from playing video games, believe me i looked into it.

    Archie and Jughead got a job testing video games, and then Jug was sucked into the game by the evil scientist who made it. Took Dilton to get him back out. . . .

  3. remistevens Says:

    You can still make money on your content without being a copyright Nazi.

  4. Youtube Says:

    great story,

  5. Marcus T Says:

    I’m not good enough to make money at it.

  6. remistevens Says:

    Oh please, cry me a river.

    First of all youre full of shit. Anyone listening you can hear Marcus T’s awesome voice here: I, Myself

    Secondly, the standards are incredibly low. Are you suggesting Britney is more talented than you? Are you suggesting the midi splicing guy who ripped off “Oye Como Va” for a Kleenex commercial is more talented? Your problem is more about the fact that you have a life (which consumes time) and are not backed by corporate.

    I only have 2 friends making a living from Music. James and Matt, both are incredibly busy with music and focus a large amount of time towards it. So much so that they could not have a real job outside of music. It takes some risks to get there, but once you’re there, it is possible to sustain yourself. Having a great voice as you do, it would be possible. But i know you’re looking at going the babies route and not the “hey baby” route.

    Another thing about both James and Matt is that they are extremely confident, which is absolutely necessary. Matt said the most important thing about having a successful band is confidence. “We’re fuckin awesome, you don’t want us to play your bar? Tough shit, we’ll play at some other bar and its going to kick ass”. and then it kicks ass.

  7. exuvia Says:

    As I crossed the room I saw her standing there in her red coat; she was at least 17.

    Wow! What a looker; but then again, at night all cats are gray.

    I fixed my stray eyes upon this underage heartbreak as I asked her to dance. She returned my look and Boom! It was love at first sight; ahhhhhhhhh! Get the riff? We just stood there holding hands all through the night; right? Copy Right!? This is my novel;
    way beyond compare to anything Paul ever wrote.

  8. Marcus T Says:

    I meant I’m not good enough at video games.

  9. remistevens Says:

    Exuvia: I already said man, thats a remi song. Paul had nothing to do with it!

    Marcus: Your right, you suck at video games. Your also a total washout at Axis and Allies, or would you like to put that to the test again?

  10. ponch58 Says:

    Beware the Russian sub.

  11. exuvia Says:

    I know. They choose yellow because red didn’t suit the melody.

  12. How to watch TV/Movies Free! « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] up copyrights by making things like CD backups no longer playable on CD players- makes sense right? Screw copyright Nazis, only use open source like: […]


    the fact is that copyright laws are in themselves a crime. They are illegal because they are copyright infringing.


    Copyright laws are in themselves a crime because they are copyright infringing. If somebody is promoting copyright laws they´re promoting that if somebody is an artist somebody else can steal that artist´s ideas and pass those ideas on as their own. In turn that somebody can do it on the ground that they´re protecting the artist´s intellectual property. People who support copyright laws have told me that they do it because they don´t want the ideas of other artists to be stolen and then declared somebody else´s ideas. They never mention their own ideas , however and their originality. Anybody who gets an idea bases it on somebody else´s idea and copyright laws are designed to prevent that from happening. Artists should have a right to distribute their own material and determine themselves as the creators of their projects , not the Federal Government. This means that when you buy an Avatar DVD you realize that once you have read the Copyright Law Announcement , the Announcement is basically denying James Cameron´s status as the Creator of Avatar. Instead , the Corporations that James Cameron is Chief Executive over get declared to be the creators of Avatar and he gets to be declared Producer. In turn the Avatar characters and storyline are attributed to him. There is nothing wrong in the storyline and characters being attributed to James Cameron , but what is wrong , is when the Federal Government declares itself to be the owner of James Cameron´s Product which in turn violates James Cameron´s rights as an artist. What Copyright Infringement Law supporters are supporting is , that if somebody is working for the Federal Government and they suddenly decide that it´s the Federal Government who´s the creator of Avatar , then James Cameron gets informed and Avatar is suddenly declared a subject of SOPA or PIPA or something else designed to result in frivulous or groundless lawsuits. It is enough for me to know that James Cameron is the creator and producer of Avatar and not the United States Federal Government. However , SOPA and PIPA supporters want to steal from people like James Cameron , declare whatever they stole to be ´subject of SOPA and PIPA´and try to get away with it. That´s how I see it. If I was a Copyright Infringement Law supporter , I´d be infringing upon James Cameron´s right to be entitled the Creator and Producer of Avatar because I´m supporting the Federal Government declaring Avatar to be a subject of the latest Copyright Law. What laws such as SOPA and PIPA do is that they violate already existing Copyright Laws making it possible for people to distribute copyrighted material freely on the internet for educational and related purposes. I don´t have a right to steal from James Cameron , but I´d be ok with it if James Cameron wrote and produced a film based on something I wrote or did , and didn´t have to ask me for permission to do it. That´s the point. Legally , actually , the U.S. Federal Government doesn´t have a right to interfere with that with Copyright Infringing laws like SOPA and PIPA and other ´Copyright´or ´Intellectual Property´laws.

    • remistevens Says:

      Thanks, great comment. Really progressive thinking coming out of Iceland, the rest of us should take notice but the media doesn’t talk about your country unfortunately. Its something i recently covered on my show and would love to hear what you think. http://remistevens.com/2012/07/09/the-remi-review-episode-10-iceland-2/

      I think what you’re saying is also evident from the deals that most artist’s get from production companies/ record labels etc…. The artist gets maybe 3% of the revenue from the product, the revenue stream created by copyright does not go to artists. These laws are to protect corporate leaches, although i believe there is a further political motivation as well.

      Reproduction is an issue of freedom of speech. If an artist creates an mp3, they have essentially created a long digital speech consisting of 1s and 0s. Playing an mp3 downloaded from a third party site is repeating the artist’s speech of 1s and 0s. Copyright law is a very dangerous precedent as it puts the federal governments, and global trade groups, in a position to decide what speech the public is and isn’t allowed to repeat. Of course it will also be used to shut down free journalism and dissent everywhere.

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