Working an Ethical Job

A very small percentage of the global population is engaged in fulfilling humanity’s needs while at work. Engineers are drawing up faster breaking cell phones, mathematicians assess market data, artists make commercials, philosophers become lawyers, and scientists design make-up for dogs.One way or another we’re all pretty much engaged in making someone richer than us richer. So we’re barely able to look out for ourselves let alone help out someone else with their needs.

Step back from the world for a moment and look at our situation. We’re like desert island survivors: surrounded by space instead of water. We’ve got limited resources and connectivity with what’s around us. How do the people on an island start working together to better their situation and chances of survival?

The best providers will start producing food and shelters, the clever ones get a raft going, the funny dude builds a guitar out of coconuts and starts entertaining. You’ve got a group of 6-7 people, this type of organization of work is easy- but we’ve got 6-7 billion on our island planet. Of course labour is also controlled by a greedy elite, so the end result is most of humanity being engaged in doing tasks that don’t serve any real need. Its obvious through the fact that we have more than enough labour and resources to meet all of humanity’s needs, yet massive sections of the global population are lacking even the basics.

If we were all producing good, there would be plenty of good for all.

Many of us would like to be doing more good for the world while earning our living, but there is little money available doing good. Last year alone i made ten times as much money stealing purses off old ladies than i did from my job. . . .ive got to get my crack money somewhere.

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6 Responses to “Working an Ethical Job”

  1. ponch58 Says:

    Perhaps if you were to use the old ladies’ money for the greater good you would feel better about yourself. Maybe, buying guns for the poor. Or, putting pornographic posters up for those without an internet connection.

  2. Jules Cosby Says:

    Plato starts his Republic with the same sort of thought experiment (albeit in a city and not on an island). Someone has to farm, someone has to build the tools, etc. But there is something fundamentally different between 6 people and 6 billion people.

    We in the West look down on the Other as a creature to be pitied. The Other is only human insofar as it suffers. Our obscene sense of political correctness won’t let us call the Other the third world anymore. We can’t even say ‘developing world’ because even that is too teleological and value-laden. Instead, we have to say ‘Global South’.

    We pity them but at the same time covet our wealth. “Here poor miserable Other, you can have a penny from my Starbucks – sorry about all of the labour exploitation amongst coffee growers in Latin America”. Or, “I just bought the new Coldplay album and they plant trees everytime the cash registers light up – sorry that we plant them in the poorest part of the world and have to kick peasants off of good farmland to do so”.

    No easy answers to be sure. You’d best just keep stealing purses from rich ladies.

  3. remistevens Says:

    rich ladies get driven around. i try and find the old lady from the orphanage when she’s taking the grocery money to the store.

    i probably use Plato far more times than i realize. its been so long, those ideas are all stick kicking around up there, but without footnotes.

    6 people- everyone works or colony dies

    60 people- someone concentrates on leadership tasks only

    600 people- leaders concentrate on improving leaders lives.

    6000 people- leaders become leeches

    60000 people- leeches concentrate on manipulation

    600000 people- manipulators find new better luxuries to indulge in

    6mil people- manipulators become ruling elite class

    60mil people- ruling elite work to solidify totalitarian control

    600mil people- totalitarians convince populace that they’re “free”

    6bil people- corporate dictatorships dominate planet. For fuck sakes, Kraft is bigger than Poland or Greece. Whens the last time Kraft had free elections?

    The larger the group, the more useless leeches there are. No im not talking about the do nothing guy who pilfers $500 a month from welfare. I’m talking about the do nothing fuck who pilfers millions a month from his workers and the consuming public.

    One useless inbred owner on a yacht sucks up the same resources as thousands of inbred welfare recipients.

  4. remistevens Says:

    so whats the justification for the above situation?

    They were born into their cash, they have a right to it.
    how barbaric!

    i was born to the lemur with the fattest teets so ive got the best chance of survival.

    humans could be so much better than we are

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