All Good Authorities Are Goin’ Totalitarian

I’ve been getting into Twitter lately. Some real stupid comments on there, one guy made the claim that socialism plus time equals totalitarianism. . . .First of all, the two are incompatible; one can only exist at the exhaustion of the fundamentals of the other. Secondly, shit, name me a type of government that isn’t going to lead to totalitarianism with time. Capitalism’s certainly gone that route. If you have a boss, you are well aware that democracy doesn’t really happen in our day to day capitalist lives; the boss is in charge and she is allowed to be a tyrant. As well, our mass media is occupied with corporate propaganda, our economy is dictated by bankers, they surveil us for homeland security and they track our moves with point club cards.


A totalitarian that is trying ensure workers have power isn’t actually totalitarian; they’re accepting less than total control. Likewise a socialist who wants total rule isn’t a real socialist. You can see how the two positions are incompatible. Of course a need for greater power will encourage many leaders to overlook fundamentals and justify their actions by way of a doctrine they do not actually follow. Lenin was no socialist, do not be deceived. It makes sense that once you’ve got power you’d better try and squash the competition or its not going to last. An intelligent population with many freedoms is always a competitor to absolute power- hence our current predicament in regards to corporate.


Quick look at soviet Russia. If you wanted better food, accommodations, or travel rights- you’d better cozy up to the most powerful local Bolshevik– or better yet be born into the right families. I ask you what is the difference in our society? If i want a more luxurious life, i’d better start cozying up to the local most powerful capitalists: kissing the bosses ass, shmoozing, making good “connections”. Keep my nose clean for the Bolsheviks, maybe they’ll let me visit my family in Ukraine sometime. Save my capitalist wages at work here in Canada- I am able to visit my Grampa in BC every few years. One way or another the common man needs to pander to the powerful to be allowed to do things- under any government.


Hopefully the “economic whathaveyou” will wake people up and improve the quality of statements on Twitter. The problem with the western world is that the average person has had it fairly comfortable for a good long time here, generations worth. Sure there is poverty and suffering, but if you’re a capable person you can get away with doing fairly little and understanding even less. Alternately, you could write a blog complaining about something you’re passionate about or try to affect change for things you feel are unjust. The problem is, the guy who does something and the guy who just watches TV will end up having fairly similar lifestyles anyways- so many people are left wondering why they should bother. Its the same reason people don’t vote; one vote really doesn’t make a difference and our few political choices often look strikingly similar.


People in the USA and elsewhere need to get a little hungry and a little angry so that they will bother to try and learn about what is happening in the world. I say lets push the Income Disparity to the max, lets put the rich up onto the highest piles of gold possible and endorse them as corporate gods. Good people really should donate money to banks. If things become so unequal, even the lowliest twitter idiot will be able to see that a greed for power leads all forms of authority towards totalitarianism.


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5 Responses to “All Good Authorities Are Goin’ Totalitarian”

  1. Linda Rogers Says:

    lindar on Twitter. The only thing that improves the quality of the tweets you read is systematically selecting people to follow who say things of interest and stopping following those who tweet about nonsense.

  2. remistevens Says:

    absolutely, thanks Linda that really is good advice.

    When i started on twitter i went with the same method i used to start my myspace and facebook profiles. . ..basically just added a ton of people off the bat so that i would have a basis to start talking and finding people from. Once a bunch are added, then i concentrate on forming actual relationships. Not a good method on twitter.

    There is so much conversation going on on twitter that if you overload the amount of people youre following, the info becomes far too spread out and most of it ends up as nonsense. Now ive got the difficult task of unfollowing all the people i really shouldn’t have anything to do with.

    Thanks for stopping by, like your blog.

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