Spam Baby its OK!

Did a post called: Food Supply. I got 5 or so spam messages touting nutritional information. A post entitled Money, 10-20 messages about debt/finance tips. Did a post labeled Stem Cells, over 300 messages about health! Seems that was the spambot’s preferred direction- but to be fair I’m yet to do a post on penile enlargement. Spammers are making money, they would not be doing what they do otherwise. If you’re a musician/artist/blogger you can take advantage of the same technique that’s getting spammers results- whether you’re looking for money or just exposure.


There is essentially only one way to make money, selling something. . I work for a company; I’ve sold them my services as an employee. I rent out rototillers; I’m selling temporary use. Even collecting interest in a bank, i’m selling the use of my capital to the bank. On the internet, exposure is money. Traffic can always be exposed to advertisements which makes money for the director of the traffic.

Some spammers are selling their own products, but many more are interested only in generating internet traffic and selling exposure to that traffic- bought by people who are selling products or generating and selling traffic of their own. At some point somebody admittedly has got to buy something real, but all the advertising, linking and direction that lead to that sale are themselves lucrative.

What the spammer understands and utilizes is that there is a successful percentage of sales of ANY product within a population. Sure maybe only 0.2% of teenagers can be convinced to buy life insurance, but if you ask 80 million of them you will get great results. Maybe %1 of facebook users like poker, advertise to %100 of them and end up with a massive number.. Even with a terrible sales pitch like a crappy text message spam there is a winning percentage, maybe its only 0.0005%- but again this number becomes significant within a large group.

So band/blogger/artist types, your goal should be to expose your creative materials to as many people as possible. I guarantee whatever it is you produce, there are people out there interested- there is always a winning percentile for your work. Contact a massive group of people, and that percentile becomes a group of fans. Of course whenever possible the massive group you contact should be interested in the type of thing you’re offering. I personally try to search groups of people who list bands similar to the gang of thieves (as though we could be compared).

You must consider 3 things when planning to spam.
1) what is the cost per message
2) what is the positive hit percentage
3) what is the income generated from a positive hit.

The crappier the mode of sales pitch, generally, the larger the group of people you can contact- low cost per message, but also low hit percentage. A great personalized message will have a high cost per, but a much better hit percentage. You want to find the situation where your time in is giving you the best results possible.


I have done some spammering myself- in the case of sending invites on social networking sites. Many of you may have already received my thankyous about badminton tournaments and such. I’m spending nothing and selling nothing, but my time is valued against the traffic I get. Some websites I’ll spend more time with as they bring back either good hits (steadier visitors) or efficient spamming (many invites for minimal effort). Myspace is efficient for spamming, but less people are listening. Facebook is terrible for spamming, but people will notice you when contacting them. I’ve reached a large enough group now that it seems I can slow down on the inviting. Starting out you should just try and get the attention of as many people as possible.

Bands, here’s the invite spamability of some social sites and the quality of the hits returned:

Facebook: About 30 people every few days. Good quality traffic.
Myspace: 400 invites per day, autodialers friend adders are rampant
Stereofame: smaller community, limitless spamming, many people not listening.
Garageband: lots of work for each hit, but high quality responses- reviews
Lastfm: ok quality traffic, not to hard to send many invites
ILike: poor quality traffic, not hard to send many invite
Twitter: easy mass invite up to 2000 people, decent response
TheSixtyOne: no duplicate messages ever, no inviting. Decent responses.

Look out! On all these sites they will delete you if you over do it, so bounce around and make sure you don’t do any spamming habitually- they’ll think you’re just a computer.

Oh and of course if you’ve got $$$ you can skip the queue and have your traffic increased artificially on any of these sites.

Good Luck Everybody!

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