Fear of a Red Planet, the Fake Global Recession.

There is no such thing as a “global recession”. A recession occurs when a country is having a tough time for some reason. They are loosing out to other countries in the world and have to deal with less. You know, people stopped liking our bananas for a while or something and our jerk neighbour who produces mangoes is flourishing. Or maybe we had a flood and lost a bunch of infrastructure, or a crooked government etc. . . Recession occurs when something happens and you can’t compete. But a global recession? Who the hell is earth loosing out to? Why did we invest in a spacecash deal?


No, there’s no deal. Giant corporations are just slowing the machines and wages a bit to knock out some mid sized competitors and force us out of legal ownership of our homes.

Listen. Your work tells you they need to cut pay at your government job, you agree because last week you heard that Jake lost his job at such and such manufacturing plant. Since Jake’s masters knew that recession= lower sales, they slowed operations. A service industry employer, that’s actually doing well, lets your friend Shelly go because they want to use the “recession” excuse to force a smaller staff to handle more work. Of course everyone at the small bank was let go because small banks are forced to lend to riskier clients like Jake and Shelly who just lost their jobs. When the “recession” call is made, everyone starts cutting back regardless of whether they need to or not. In turn the cutting back causes a slowdown which in turn causes a real need for cutbacks and so on.


Doesn’t anyone find it odd that we live in the most technologically advanced time in human history, but they keep telling us tougher times are ahead and that its expected more and more of humanity will lack its basic needs?

You don’t need a team of labourors for agriculture any more, most of our goods are mass made by machine; the colony no longer requires we slave away to ensure our survival. This should be the ultimate leisure time for humankind where we can sit back, let our inventions work for us, and spend our lives engaged in higher pursuits. In the same way we’ve stopped foraging for berries and spending weeks out on the hunt, its time we stopped labouring. But so long as the common man has no control, its never going to happen.


Every time we hear about a bad economic report, we make another compromise. It keeps pushing the average person further down with each move. But also, hard times are devastating for mid sized businesses and upstarts who haven’t got the capital to weather the slowdown. . . .Makes you wonder, can everyone really be feeling the pinch when the whole world is recessed?

Nope, there is no recession for the largest of corporations. They no longer exist within the domain of monetary wealth, for them the game is control. How much of the world’s things do you control? The speed at which things are being made and which people are working is irrelevant to control. It doesn’t matter if there were 10 billion bananas grown last year or 20 billion, what matters is that our company owned all the bananas so that next year we can own them all again. The span of these conglomerates over so many different aspects of humanity make a new economy consisting only of control. . . ..I’ll use my banana and strawberry monopolies to force you to sell me your smoothie retail industry.

Even if investments go down and some of the wealthiest individuals go from being billionaires to hundreds of millionaires, they would not suffer a loss of things which cost money, they would only loose control.


Think about it. A giant conglomerate has nearly limitless resources to throw around in the interest of gaining control. Undercut the competition, wait til their dead, jack up the price; its why we’re all now buying the exact same brands of socks from the exact same retail outlets everywhere. The market was dominated, the control was gained. . . ..Competition thrives within the realm of money, how is a local supplier going to start up now and try and gain a foothold in the sock market? They could be the best fucking socks ever made, Its still impossible. Its not a competition based on socks or money anymore, the currency is control.

We’ve got no currency, so we can’t even join in. Yet we suffer the worst of this competition for control as they constantly try to force us to live with less. Squeezing dry what little control we have and depositing it into the giant corporate pool. All these people loosing the ownership of their property because of the recession, well the land doesn’t just disappear, who do you think ends up owning it? The biggest players of course- sometimes that’s government, but eventually its a giant fat sucking bank. And they couldn’t care less how long it takes your home to be worth a monetary profit, they can wait, what matters is that they control it and you don’t.

Its a competition over a healthy handshake that every time remaining independents fail, the spoils of control come up for grabs. Whenever a bad economic forecast comes up, places go bankrupt, the control market experiences a boom. When its bad for us, its good for them. . . ..Conspiracy theorists; who’s benefiting from this “global recession” and who owns the media that fabricated it? . . . . . ..hmmmmm. . ..


Need a poll. Hear the music this time, its a loop i made from a famous song. Fill in ‘other’ on the poll if you can guess it.

whoops, i guess you cant read the ‘others’, that sucks. don’t bother with the poll and comment

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18 Responses to “Fear of a Red Planet, the Fake Global Recession.”

  1. Jedi Says:

    i think the craziest thing about this recession is government giving big business money to ‘stay afloat’. where’s the bail out money for mom and pop operations that are going under? it seems to me that these billionaires screwed up their companies enough by paying hundreds of executives way too much to do virtually nothing, while blue collar workers take pay cuts or lose jobs. now there’s not enough money to go around. these corporations screwed up. why do they get ‘bail out’ money. i’m pretty sure that in business, if you can’t keep your business afloat, you go under, and the next guy takes your place. A fake recession that’s government sponsored will certainly eliminate competition and keep the same people in charge.

  2. remistevens Says:

    Thanks Jedi,

    You’re so right. I’ve been planning on doing a post on bullshit bankruptcies as well. Bankruptcy is to protect the little guy. Your mom and pop business goes under, but the family is still able to eat and retain their home.

    Something like GM, which is larger than Poland, shouldn’t have the same protection as mom’s variety store. The owner is not going to go down with the ship like mom.

    As well, corporations are dictatorships. Here we have a dictatorship operating under the ‘democratic’ American government which is now exempt from many laws and granted all the same opportunities the state offers to a person on the brink of starvation. Absolutely, it is crazy.

    In fact the starving corporation gets more, they’ll get loan after loan. Mom, well, good luck.

    People are still going to buy cars. Another company would buy up the factories and find a way to profit.

  3. remistevens Says:

    wah wah, we’re going bankrupt, we can’t handle recession.

    This whole thing is cooked up as an excuse to slash wages. Government endorsed bankruptcy etc so places can stop paying pensioners and such. A place like GM could sell off %10 of its assets and be well into the black again, but no, that would mean giving up control. Can’t make sacrifices within the real game.

  4. Jim Smetchland Says:

    We’re cutting back here at Mess of Wires as well Remi. We can no longer afford expensing your foam, paint and pig iron budgets. Sorry buddy, this repressions got us all fucked over here too.

  5. Health Insurance Quotes Guy Says:

    Some of this surely does not have the stock and bond holders in mind. Folks are able to shirk their obligations now. Shame shame.

  6. remistevens Says:

    I had some stock in a steel company once. In the midst of high production during record high steel prices they managed to go “bankrupt”. All the regular stock holders lost everything. 1 month later the company re-emerges with the same name and ticker. major shareholders had the opportunity to by before it went public and tripled their investments. Scheduling the collapse, i’m sure they all pulled out good and early as well.

    Any corporate reorganizing seems to work out well for you if you’re a major shareholder.

  7. Liam Benton Says:

    Your “conspiracy theory” attitude sickens me. You sound like the kind of fellow who, instead of going to work and earning a days pay, expects the government to pay him off for his “work” that he does while playing video games on his computer.

    Time to grow up maybe? It’s not the government and corporations that are at fault here. I’ve been a C.E.O. at a large company for many years now and get to see first hand the effects this recession is having on people. From the top right down to the bottom. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before you go beaking off!!!

    • girlznguitarz Says:

      You need to do some research buddy, there is a globalization going on. Ever head of the Bilderburg group, the Rothchilds??? The NEW WORLD ORDER??? I kinda think it’s YOU who needs to do the research….there is not just one conspiracy…to defraud, control and enslave us……oooops!!!! We are already being defrauded, controlled and we are certainly enslaved….welcome to ‘reality’ mate!

  8. remistevens Says:

    Facts? Who used facts? Are you disputing that places go bankrupt during a recession or that corporations control many industries? You don’t like something i said, respond to it. Form an argument here man. Coming here to tell me I’m beaking off without actually saying something is the equivalent of a “no it isn’t” schoolyard taunt.

    I worked through high school, I worked through university, I’m working still- always labour. I’ve paid way more money to the government than I’ve taken out. . . ..I love when people without something worthwhile to say resort to credibility stabs as though it is in some way relevant to an argument. We’re anonymous here, you couldn’t possibly know anything about me. . . .. Your name spelled backwards is “mail” so you must be wrong.

    The CEO of a large company sees ‘first hand’ what happens to regular people during a recession? Thats a laugh, where do you live?

    So what are the terrible sacrifices being made at the top? Needed to sell the third yacht maybe? Real people loose their jobs; they start budgets to make eating viable.

    Who blamed the government for anything? I like government, its at least an attempt at democratic rule. Did you read the post? This all seems to be very suspicious. I have a feeling you’re one of my regulars sending an anonymous alley-oop. Your comment is pretty hard to believe. Thanks for the pass.

  9. ponch58 Says:

    As a seller/installer of audio/video products, (how did I get so many slashes in my title? How the hell did I get a title?!?) I deal in the luxury market. People don’t “need” larger tv’s, they don’t “need” louder stereos and they certainly don’t “need” me to hook these things up for them.

    In a time of recession, people are forced away from the things they “want” and struggle to obtain the things they actually “need” for survival.

    If this was a true “recession”, I flat out would not have a job. I am quite busy right now. Are people gearing up for the worst? Is my career on it’s last legs? From the words of
    Alfred E. Newman
    , “What? Me worry?”

  10. remistevens Says:

    I know its lame, but i preferred “Cracked”. Did you see the story they did on “Reggie Steeples and his Mane of Sleeves”?

    Sales of cheap home entertainment apparently go up when times are down, but not the quality stuff you sell over at Marcus International.

    . . . .. I heard the board recently elected you to CEO.

  11. ponch58 Says:

    I like the new background. It’s like having an acid flashback while learning about current events.

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    […] sick days- not really ‘asking’ for this I guess if they already have it. More effects of this fake recession, regular people are expected to make another compromise to allow transition through these difficult […]

  13. Privatizing Currency « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] I’m not saying they caused 911, the Great Depression, the crash of ‘87 or our current fake global recession.. . . but they did benefit from them […]

  14. Martin Williams Says:

    I think most of the recession is down to the media. The media paint a grey picture and the people follow suit. If the media was banned from broadcasting about the financial climate the ordinary man on the street wouldn’t know any different.

    • remistevens Says:

      Interesting suggestion. Banning the media from reporting about elections might be smart as well. Give us the facts sure, but no plastering giant headlines crying economic disaster.

      The problem is, who does the censuring of what is officially OK? Opens a ton of new problems.

      I think media mega-conglomerates need to be banned. No single company should have control over thousands of news outlets!

  15. Saving the World « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] the World By remistevens Your best option, make buttons. Most of the world’s problems can be solved through arts and crafts. Making fun from crap can save the world, singing a song can […]

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