Summer updates!

Hey, If you came here expecting to find out why lawn bowling is evil or how space rabbits are controlling us through our teeth- you came to the wrong place today. . . ..This will just be an update while my URL is still down and its looking as though the Bolg is having trouble.

Well there is no trouble, quite the opposite, is kickin it into medium gear!
This summer is going to be a barrage of Remi related content so be prepared for a reasonably satisfactory time. My URL “” will soon take you to my new frontpage. Its going to be a landing site where you can link off to my several projects. You can go to the blog, the filthy kitchen show, music links etc. . . …

Safe Recipes From the Filthy Kitchen!!!
Craig Passfield and I have shot all the footage we need, and will be working on editing. This thing is going to be awesome, I’m excited. Imagine the Martha Stewart Living website except its all Remi. We’re going to launch the site with 1 new full episode, 3-4 video home tips, recipes, home articles, images. . . .We’re all set up to make these things easily now, and we’ve got lots more ideas for the show. Makes you wonder where they get their ideas? . . . . .It’ll be up and going soon. I’ll let everybody know when we’re in operation.

Remi Stevens and The Gang of Thieves!!
Tonnes of new Remi content coming out this summer! “Stay” and “Really Wanna See You” are being re-worked and re-mastered. Videos are currently being put together as well for some tunes. . . ..We’ve also been practicing to get ready for live shows which will be coming eventually. There will be new recordings of older Remi songs, new songs, covers, covers of Remi, Remi covers Remi. . . .. Thanks James and Shawn at BWR for all the work. Oh, and I’m going to be posting acoustic versions very soon as well. Will have a Remi CD for sale in coming months also.

Mess of Wires Studios!
Just finished 5 new tracks this week for use in the blog and in the filthy kitchen show. I’m going to get some proper masters done of my best electronica for an upcoming CD.

I’m also starting a news feed. Every time something gets updated it’ll go on this. So you can find out what was added most recently, and where, and a link. . . smart right? Not sure if this’ll be another blog, or something i can work into the new frontpage.
Black Rogers will be releasing many more tracks this summer, hopefully a CD you can buy as well. At the very least there are several recorded tracks that need some mixing, but will be put together soon. BR swears he’s gonna actually kill a guy on his latest single!!!

The Remi Stevens Bolg
The tech masters at BWR are helping me integrate a blog with a blog. Basically, two copies of the bolg. One in the same place its always been, and another self-hosted version. All traffic will be fed back onto the privately hosted version allowing me to add some great new features. Like the “sharethis” widget. Its gonna look similar, but its going to be easier to link stuff together and reach a greater search audience. Thanks again to BWR for making this all happen, i could not have done it.

We’ve also installed a virus on the bolg which is scraping your computer for credit card numbers as we speak. Works on mac too so screw you suckers.

The bolg is still going strong!. Ranked #1 on google for “Alkaline Battery Hoax” and “fake global recession”. Even googling “customer service model” was giving Remi as a first page hit. Its crazy, say a few things and the internet grants you some legitimacy. I mean people are finding my posts when doing research for work and the like. Makes me question the results i get when i do my own searching. . . . ..Also lots of new tracks for the Bolg, posts in the works, stupid polls, other garbage. The bolg is the default Remi engine idling away. No matter how busy I am getting other stuff together, the bolg will always keep churning so keep coming back.
Even though I’ve been talking about selling CD’s and such, you’ll always be able to get my content streaming from the source. Soon that will be much more easy to do from one central music page, and a real simple front page linking to stuff, you’ll see. Things will get added over the whole summer so be patient, but the new front page should be working in the next couple days!

later dudes

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3 Responses to “Summer updates!”

  1. remistevens Says:

    Shit, theres so much to mention, i forgot about the podcast. That’s pretty much finished and will be broadcasting soon!

  2. remistevens Says:

    OK, end of summer update.

    not using front page, or a news feed. This Blog is now the frontpage and everything from any other site is posted here so it acts as a new reader as well.

    the music page is coming soon

    the filthy kitchen is up and running as was planned.

    sorry there was no free car give away, we’ll get to that!

  3. Summer Update 2010! « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] post to let you all know about the wonderful things happening in the Remi Stevens media empire this summer. As the flow of content has slowed to a trickle, I felt we needed some explanation. Boney the Steve […]

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