Privatizing Currency

For most of my life i just assumed, as I’m sure most people do, that the money for a country is owned and printed by the government. Remember high school history class. The German government started recklessly printing cash after the war. Each individual bill became worth less, but the government was able to pay some expenses. A hyper inflation that devalued the currency so much people started trading money by the wheelbarrow. Met with a financial crisis, a governments gotta do what its gotta do, I don’t have a problem with that. But don’t be fooled any longer, the money in your country is likely being printed by a private bank not the government.


It all started in 1913 with the US Federal Reserve Bank. The big banking families, Rockefeller, JP Morgan etc. . . .got together and snuck an unpopular bill through the American congress during Christmas holidays. It basically said that a private bank would now print up the money for the government and that the government needs to pay back whatever is printed with some interest. So now when the government needs money they ask private bankers to print it up for them. . . .. Imagine you went into your bank for a loan and all they did was print some money up in the back. You’d think, why do i need to pay you back with real money if you’re just giving me some paper you just finished inking? . . .This is how the American government gets its money.

The money they print isn’t backed up by gold or property or anything real. They literally just print up some “cash”. I can print up “cash” at my place and its worthless, but if JP prints it up over at his place it gets equal value to real money. I’d love to loan the government some RemiCash and have them pay me back with real money. . . . …The bank gives the government some coloured paper and the government owes them hard earned money in return. This is crazy right?


Initially, these bankers posed a necessity for a private central bank. In 1907 there was an economic collapse in the states. They said that a private central bank could prevent crashes by giving the currency some ‘elasticity’. 16 years later they had the Great Depression.


Then there’s interest. Here’s a scenario: private central bank prints up 10 billion dollars, the government then owes them 11 billion back, capital plus interest. That’s how interest works. Well, if the bank has only brought 10 billion into existence, how can the government ever pay them back the 1 billion in interest? That 1 billion doesn’t even exist anywhere; it was never printed. . . . The government is inevitably forced to either tax some more cash from the public, or borrow even more cash with interest from the central bank. Essentially, the government will always owe private bankers more money than there is in existence.


Now remember, a weird thing happens for the guy who can print money during an economic crash. People earn and spend less, so there is less tax income for the government to pay its bills with. It has no choice but to create more money- remember post war Germany. When the government needs lots of money printed during a crash, its good for business at the money printing private central bank. Its a private bank that benefits directly from financial crashes. This is why the internet is rife with conspiracy theories pointing at the American Federal Reserve Bank. I’m not saying they caused 911, the Great Depression, the crash of ’87 or our current fake global recession.. . . but they did benefit from them all.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, I don’t like to accuse people of cheating and I don’t waste time appealing to them to stop. I believe you change the game’s rules so that cheating is not possible. Sure maybe the guy selling boats makes money during a flood, but an economic system that funnels profit towards a small group of powerful bankers during every disaster is completely fucking stupid. I’m not saying that they’ll cause disaster, but helping prevent disasters is in direct conflict with their prosperity. . . . .Don’t bother trusting people, trust the rules. We need to make the rules of currency trustworthy again. If the rules of a game of monopoly dictated that the banker player actually owned all the bank’s money- I’d want to change those rules as well. Whoever owns the properties, houses and hotels is irrelevant: if one player owns the bank, eventually he will own everything else in the game.


Now lets look at what money is and what it does. Well, everything. You want to eat, drink, live etc. . . you will need money. Without money you will have very little options and will probably die quickly. Even if you own your own self-sustaining farmland, without money you won’t own that land for long. Money is everything.

Now look at what a private bank is. Well, its a business. A hierarchical structure that feeds back to the owner. The owner is the unquestioned ruler of his business, he is the king, he is a dictator within his realm.


Many major central banks are already privatized and there is a winning battle to consolidate and privatize the rest. Europe is now united under a private central bank: The ECB. So imagine if the privatized central banks succeed in uniting; all governments would start acquiring debt owed to them since they would control the printing of all money everywhere. . . .. Remember, money is everything. Do you want one private entity able to tell the world how much it can have. Pretty scary right, why don’t we just appoint a world dictator?

So where’s your democracy now suckers?







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20 Responses to “Privatizing Currency”

  1. ponch58 Says:

    RemiCash. I like it. You could be the new “Man in Black” Would you have your own ATM’s? Remi Stevens and the Bank of Thieves.

  2. remistevens Says:

    We steal from everyone and give to the Remi.

  3. exuvia Says:

    Worthless bills to the credulous who let go of their lives and possessions for a face on paper.

    Isn’t it interesting that the US FED is unwilling to let the Government audit their accounts? What kind of information would leak to the public from such a peak behind the banker’s curtain? Do banks have something to hide? Who benefits from secrets if not lies?

    Tell us the story to our face. Have we been led astray?

  4. remistevens Says:

    I put questions in the anonymous employee comment box at work, they are responded to on all staff emails.

    We house some controversial things from time to time. The boss asked us verbally to check our work areas for bombs if there is a bomb threat. I wrote an employee question asking how they planned to evacuate me in the event of a bomb threat, ignoring their request that i be a human mine sweeper.

    They responded that the plans were top secret.

    Always an answer, always a way to evade the release of unpopular information.

  5. remistevens Says:

    Wow, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen the seriousness of an issue ground Exuvia mostly in prose.

    Its the quasi-private part of the bank demanding they keep their company secrets. Anything else in the government is accountable and open if you pry hard enough. It has to be, its public.

    Although i guess in the US that quasi-private element has thoroughly permeated the government as well and is creating its own public sector enclaves of elitist information.

    Privatizing currency is the most important thing going on in the world, period. Most people don’t even know about it. Damn slanted empty corporate media.

    Read the Bolg instead, we don’t fuck around over here.

  6. exuvia Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that they have you as a human mine sweeper; not as the one that works the handle back and forth on the probe but as the probe itself, as the cutting edge. But at least you will be the first to know… I have you down as a hero no matter what.

    Keep asking those anonymous questions.

    Thanks for the ‘E’

  7. exuvia Says:

    Prose is OK but sometimes it lacks enough color and madness to express the rage, the absurdity or the hilarious nature.

  8. exuvia Says:

    The poetic capsule works best as a decoration when the groundwork has been done. You do both very well.

  9. remistevens Says:

    haha, yes, yes, we are the cutting edge. I am a wonder of technology, put me on the end of a pole.

  10. exuvia Says:

    I do give a lot of credit to the danger of privatizing currency. It is a very important subject.

    We are doing rounds on the table of a game of monopoly that some one some where at some moment in time invented. We get enough kicks out of the game to continue.

  11. remistevens Says:

    I don’t have a problem with invented games. So long as we all share ownership of it, have access to it, and can input towards its changes.

  12. exuvia Says:

    There it is… is it for the general public good or is it for the benefit of Mr. Kite…

  13. exuvia Says:

    Invention should not be the mother of need.

  14. exuvia Says:

    The pyramid is always based on a substantial floor corresponding to the basic needs as put forth by A. Maslow. Thanks Abraham! It takes one to know the others.

    There is no pyramid without a base of needs at the bottom and a very small group of self realized and affluent at the top.

    Someone invented this game.

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