The Advantage of a Dull Knife

Whoops! I slipped while cutting up an apple. No big deal though, luckily I was using a dull knife. Keep a sharp knife around, sure. There are some things only a sharp knife will do, but for everyday use you want the dullest safest knife you can find. This article is reposted from my Filthy Kitchen Show Blog here:
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I find cheap short serrated steak knives work best. You can get through pretty much anything with sawing, and its safe enough to use your own hand as a cutting board.


Have a home riddled with children or animals? You certainly shouldn’t have sharp knives lying around in convenient locations. A knife should be easy to get at, but safe to keep where you’re keeping it. Those special knives you use to cut jack-o-lanterns are going to be perfectly harmless if your child or pet were to swallow one.

Separate a pair of $1 plastic safety scissors. Your get 2 great dull knives for $1!


If you’ve only got sharp knives, and have no budget for the above suggestions. You can dull your knife by altering the angle you use on your sharpening stone. Keeping the knife perpendicular to the surface of the stone while you sharpen will give you a flatter, duller cutting edge. Also, if you need to, your knife can easily be dulled in the same fashion against brick, concrete or metal.

Many people who’ve never been stabbed, mistakenly fear the sharp knife. In illustrations they always put that little star by the point of a knife to make it look sharp and menacing. You’ll find, however, that getting stabbed with a dull knife is actually more painful. A sharp knife can be in and out its victim leaving only a smoothly cut entry point- the dull knife gets a bit messy. Think how intruders might feel if they see you’re brandishing a dull knife- a seasoned criminal is going to know all about getting stabbed.


Other knifings you wouldn’t want a sharp knife for: bottle opener, balloon shaver, tooth pick, back scratcher, q tip.


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2 Responses to “The Advantage of a Dull Knife”

  1. ponch58 Says:

    I cut my self with my extremely sharp exacto knife at work one day. It bled and bled and bled. Finally I folded the flap of skin over itself and put some electrical tape on it. Due to the nice clean incision, It was clotted and healed in 6 hours.

    Later that day I stabbed a homeless guy with a piece of rusty, scrap metal from a bar-b-q I found laying around. He tried and tried to close up his wound, but to no avail.

    Good thing I learned about the benefit of jagged edges as opposed to clean sharp ones that day, or that bum would have lived to see me arrested.

  2. remistevens Says:

    Marcus, it isn’t illegal to pick up scrap metal that’s just lying around.

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