Filthy Kitchen Video: Chopping and Dicing

Have a look at The Advantage of a Dull Knife for More on This Topic. The greatest part of this technique is that you will only dirty the knife and your hands. Luckily both can be quickly cleaned with a quick pant wipe. quick.
This article is reposted from my Filthy Kitchen Show Blog here:
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This method is also featured in episode #3!

Jim Smetchland’s Rating A+
“Ok this one works! Anything can be cut this way, and you have full control over separation size and almost nothing gets dirty. . . .Perfect, hassle free chopping and dicing”

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One Response to “Filthy Kitchen Video: Chopping and Dicing”

  1. exuvia Says:

    The slick way you move that onion as you throw it from one hand to the other. A slow motion sequence here would have put this clip in the Matrix

    You wouldn’t dice a chicken that way would you? Score marks on a chick…

    Multi media all out. I give it triple A.

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