Pretty Lousy Democracy.

We spend a third of our lives working, preparing for work, or traveling to and from work. . . . .While you’re at work you have submitted to the will of a dictator. Whoever your boss is, you listen to him and do what he says. Sure you can protest, offer alternatives etc. . . .In the end he is the boss and he has the final say- there is no vote, there is no free election at work. If you’re lucky enough to own your own business, you are the dictator; and those damn employees better do what you say or they’re going to get fired.


Another third of our lives is spent sleeping.


The final third is a mixed bag, most of it is spent on life operations. What does that mean? It’s all the eating, pooping, clothing, sheltering, transporting and cleaning- these are all multiplied if you’ve got kids. Then there’s the paperwork- bills, taxes, licenses, resumes, banking, insurance, applications. . . .and most things will require you do some shopping as well. Life is mostly just maintenance, we’re rarely actually doing something new. Did i forget anything? Oh yea, public participation. Every few years we can make an extremely limited ‘choice’ between government generalities by way of voting for our preferred rich airbag- half of us can’t be bothered to waste the time. Who can blame them? Your vote is worth very little, but clothing eating pooping is absolutely necessary.


If you’re really passionate about something, you’ll find the time to participate, but you’ll be limited. The world is full of people with great potential, who are too busy fixing their cars and working overtime to achieve anything worthy of themselves. Somewhere there is a great artist making soup, a great musician cutting grass and a ground breaking scientist selling make-up. All of this is happening because there is no equality, the poor do not have access to things because we are too busy working. We don’t have the time or money to participate in our own projects. That’s why we’re drowning in shitty movies, music and literature. Those who can dedicate the most time directing production aren’t necessarily the most talented, they’re just the best funded. . . . .If you’ve only got the time for one hobby, is it going to be politics?

The poor also don’t have time or money to get any action out of their government. I get an unfair parking ticket, I just pay it, its hardly worth my time to take a half day off work to fight for something worth $30. Ah but the spoiled brat who parked his convertible in a hospital zone; he can send his lawyer to court to handle it. . . . .Embezzling millionaires get pathetic luxurious sentences. . . . . Billionaires park their assets in foreign countries to avoid paying taxes. . . . . .OJ friggin murdered somebody.


Then there is influence. Consider what big corporations do. I’d love it if I could send a team of lobbyists with bags of money to the government every time i wanted something done, its just not going to happen. If i find the time I might send a letter and it will get respectfully discarded by an intern. Better off wasting my time writing a blog right?. . . .Imagine the simplicity of wealthy influence. A rich CEO can simply say he wants something done in government and a team of people head off to work on it. Just say it aloud, its really that simple- like some sort of conjurer. I say i want something, and my cat does nothing. Uh, democracy? I get an equal vote on the leader every few years, but i don’t get an equal vote on the countless decisions being made daily- you know, the stuff that actually matters.


So what does it all sum up to? The poor don’t have access to the legal system, they don’t have any influence and their voting right is a bad joke at best. You’d think that a ‘democracy’ would be structured so that everyone gets equal-ish input. If not, what’s the point? We might as well just elect our favourite celebrity marriages and start handing out crowns to our bosses and leaders.


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15 Responses to “Pretty Lousy Democracy.”

  1. exuvia Says:

    “Somewhere there is a great artist making soup, a great musician cutting grass and a ground breaking scientist selling make-up.”

    A talented architect driving a cab or me doing the dishes…

    I guess I’m not alone.

    • remistevens Says:

      In a world that made even a little bit of sense, people would do what they’re best at instead of what they’re forced into.

    • ponch58 Says:

      If everyone did what they are best at, there would be a lot of shit jobs that don’t get done.

      • remistevens Says:

        sure alright, but people who are really good at something should get the opportunity to do it. Problem is to become a master at anything takes years of practice a poor person cannot afford.

        and no one needs to be making plastic crap- take away the shit jobs which achieve nothing.

        Build machines to do the rest of the shit

  2. exuvia Says:

    “I say i want something, and my cat does nothing”

    Join my self help group of wanna be dictators; we meet Thursdays and cry together.

    Our sessions generally end with a game called follow the leader. It is my turn next week. They all better be there.

  3. exuvia Says:

    Lobbying short circuits democracy and make a mockery of people voting.

    Too much interest at the top and not enough at the bottom of the pyramid lets a few – good? – men occupy the system in search of personal benefits to the exclusion of collective interests.

    The top is elected to take care and protect the masses but money offers short circuit the exchange and care and protection is sold off to secret bidders.

  4. remistevens Says:

    Well put.

    Even if you take the money away and eliminate things like campaign contributions the rich still have access to unlimited time. They’d still be able to send groups of employed people who can hassle government to get their way.

    The rest of us have got to really believe in something before we go to the government with it and its only possible if we sacrifice our time from something else.

  5. exuvia Says:

    A new book claims that 10.000 hours of dedication is what it takes to become good, really good, at something. I hope time does not run out on us before we get there.

  6. remistevens Says:

    Oh yea, I heard about that as well. Its a Gladwell book i think. . . .Blink and Tipping Point were amazing.

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