Quality over Cost

I haven’t got a problem with money. ‘Money’ done properly could be a great system for keeping track of who’s done what and who deserves how much. The problem is that money is awarded not dependent on who is making the best contribution, but rather on who can turn the crank the fastest. Whoever can move the most product wins.


Sure there’s pricing, demand, many ‘rates’ to keep track of and such. Re-define what you may consider a product here for a minute and imagine that ‘product’ means your final package, everything- including not only the physical object or service, but pricing, delivery, marketing and the whole bit. Whether you’re manufacturing cars, designing home theatres or making a cooking show, you’ve got the final goal of having your product consumed. Someone somewhere will give a little of themselves to receive what you have put up on display. When the product moves, you get something valuable from the consumer- even if its only a few seconds of their attention.


Every single aspect of business revolves around one ratio: what you put in and what you get back.


Cheap Vs Good. Consumers weigh the cost and quality of products. ‘Cost’ is an easy sell. If you can make it cheap, transport it cheap and sell it cheap you’re going to move product and get rich. ‘Expensive’ has its advantages, but its much harder to make it sound good. Sure there is plenty of demand for quality, but you’ve got to make the consumer trust you when it comes to quality. Only once they take it home will they know whether or not you were being truthful. Cost is up front, they either like it or they don’t, there is no trust involved with the price; it is what it is. So hey, you might get lucky and buy something good for cheap, but if its expensive at point of purchase, you’re already at a loss. . . .What if its expensive and shitty? Anyone buy an iphone?

cost quality graph

Expensive is negative whether its shitty or not!

Cheap and crappy is popular, we’ve got to raise the demand for quality by purchasing only quality goods and keeping them a long time. Then force producers, manufacturers and retailers to pay for public waste removal and recycling. This will make them get on board and striving for quality.

Consumption is always going to happen, its not the evil enemy, but “cheap” means shipping plastic back and forth across the oceans. Its also one of the stupidest things humanity has ever done. Look at it from the alien perspective, as though we were ants. Ants form lines and carry their goods to a new destination, purposefully transporting goods. Unlike ants, we carry shit back and forth aimlessly. An alien watching us is going to say “what the hell are you doing?”. Exactly what you’d say to your friend if she started perpetually re-arranging the living room or opening and closing a door. . . . . Every year, the world’s 50000 container ships lose 10000 containers somewhere into the ocean; 21 battleships were lost in WWII. Who’s sinking your battleship?

Nukem! The robocop version of Battleship!

Nukem! The robocop version of Battleship!

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7 Responses to “Quality over Cost”

  1. ponch58 Says:

    It’s a very disturbing reality isn’t it? Everyone knows and understands this point, but still flock to the nearest Walmart to buy the new “automatic jar opener” that’s on sale for 6.99. It’s bullshit! You can preach quality to people until you are blue in the face but in the end, price always wins out.

    Imagine if everyone bought strictly good quality items for an entire year? 2 things would happen.

    1. Everyone would stop needing things and have a panic attack over the extra time/need for shopping.

    2. The economy would collapse because everyone is stuck in this “create shit and sell it” mentality.

    I say fuck it! BUY GOOD SHIT YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!

  2. remistevens Says:

    I don’t know man, with a lot of things, the option to buy quality simply isn’t available. Try and find a new car made of metal.

    And there is a magic line there somewhere where price doesn’t always win over the consumer, buts its more an issue of trust created by the merchant. People won’t buy a shitty Roolex watch from a dude on the street, but if its wrapped in 4 feet of plastic and sold at the Wall, people thinks its ok and go for it. Walmart skews the above graph by tricking us into thinking their shit is decent quality. Its the same scumbag selling Roolexes, he’s just built a better facility for himself. This is why they hire our grandmothers to stand at the door and garner a sense of trust in the shoppers.

    It’d take longer than 2 years, but the economy would be fine- with some obvious differences:

    -Only merchants with the best reputation for quality will survive. We’ll still need to buy can openers once in a while, you’d better make a good one if you want to make those remaining sales.

    -Goods could all be manufactured close to home. Selling $50 can openers instead would mean you could pay your labourers a decent wage. 50 people making good can openers at a good wage instead of 5000 people making shit for pennies a day.

    -It would be way way harder to get super rich because there would be far less circulation.

    -Less pollution, less waste, better efficiency, more money winding up in the hands of the poor.

    Most of our problems could be solved if people just stopped buying garbage. You want to stick it to the man, do a little research, and only buy quality goods that last.

  3. exuvia Says:

    that last… longer.

  4. ponch58 Says:

    Here’s some quality stuff now…


  5. remistevens Says:

    Cool articles there man. I like the one about the up sale on audio/video cables.

    I did leave a link to your work website somewhere in the post.

    • ponch58 Says:

      Thanks man!! You can never have too much exposure.

      Today my sister was complaining about all the Marcus T Solutions updates on Facebook. To which I said, “Sweet! It’s working!”

  6. remistevens Says:

    I added so many people on spacebook i very rarely see updates from someone i know.

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