Regulated Market Equilibrium

Business is guided by regulations. There is no ‘free market’, there never will be. We will always need regulation- even in anarchy we’re restricted physically. There is always an obligation to some sort of rule. So when a person is pushing for a ‘free market’ they’re really just looking for less regulations. At the other end of things there is the socialist, who’s looking for more regulation; naturally full regulation is likewise impossible. The government can’t have a hand in every transaction- you’d need a requisition to pass the salt. There will never be a fully regulated state and there will never be a free market, neither are feasible.


Politically, we all sit somewhere in the middle of these impossible extremes. Across the world, there are all types of governments going on. . . .. Barter continues to occur in all of them. Even back in the strictly regulated CCCP people were trading with each other: neighbours sharing, bribes, corruption, a thriving black market. Trade is always going to occur. People are also always going to be able to get rich and live like big shots. So I don’t see what the big deal is? Why freak out every time someone pitches more state involvement or more tax? Trade will not cease, circulation will not grind to a halt. All that will happen is that the poor will receive a larger share of the wealth. Take some of the “free” out of trade and companies end up turning over wealth to governments. Then look at it from this perspective: no matter how poor you are, you are always a voting shareholder in you country. Your country is obligated to you, companies owe you nothing.


The right wing pushes bullshit like the corporate extortion argument where we’ve supposedly got to bend over backwards to corporations or they’ll abandon our country. Spreading fear that we’ll no longer be able to get president’s choice brand or work for shitty pay at Walmart. I promise you, no matter how many taxes or regulation we have, you will still be able to get cheap shitty products and pay- guaranteed. We’re people, we consume and we work, we are always of value to companies. Only an idiot lets someone walk into their home, take everything, and leave without paying.


Listen, if circumstances were fairly equal everywhere, the competition would be fair as well. The system we’ve got has countries with no money forced into resource and manufacturing slavery. South American produce and Asian goods would be worth a fortune to the people producing them if they had a fair chance to sell. Instead their operations are foreign owned and the currencies are exploited to reap massive profit to the ownership. A baker here and a baker in Taiwan should be capable of living similar lifestyles. I understand you can’t expect to eat lobster on the prairies every night and that demand fluctuates by population- there are legitimate reasons for regional differences. Its the differences created by greedy human design that can and must be changed.


Imagine wages, regulation and value were all universal. Workers everywhere were well paid, tricking customers was strictly prohibited. In such a world competition would still thrive. The difference would be that success in business would come from things like innovation and reputation. Right now, success comes from exploiting workers and deceiving customers. If you’ve managed to trick one population into wanting crap while enslaving another population to produce that crap, you’re going to have a very profitable company. Overvalued prices, undervalued wages- just look at Walmart. Plastic crap made in Asia is shipped here to be sold. Six months later it breaks and is shipped back to Asia as recycling to be re-processed into more breakable plastic crap. Without the ability to exploit international regulation, wage and currency discrepancies, this type of ‘success’ would not be possible.


I’m not making a plea to a wishy washy message of love and equality here, save your own skin!. We’ve let our employers hire replacements for less than minimum wage. This is how you save your job: stop buying foreign corporate goods, and stop voting for politicians who support the WTO.


The best part about a universal, well regulated, fair game would be that the rich would have more trouble creating enclaves of safety where they are beyond the laws of the common man. If the poor made more money, we could afford the time to go to court, start businesses, think and do all the other things usually only accessible to the rich. But the poor are in servitude; we work long hours and have little time or money for things that don’t sustain our immediate needs. Look how long it took to start regulating smoking. The rich used their endless resources to legally maintain falsehoods in court and they manipulated public will through false advertising. Even today our government just announced another lawsuit against tobacco producers. Here’s a situation where a bunch of rich businessmen are knowingly killing millions of poor people and it took 50 years to cut through the wealth before anyone even heard about it. You go out and try and kill 1 tobacco CEO, lets see how long it takes the state to come down on you.


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3 Responses to “Regulated Market Equilibrium”

  1. Jules Cosby Says:

    God, I hate when I can’t argue with you.

    You’re right, a free market has never/will never/can never exist. But if we fight for it, a free(er?)(ish?) market IS possible.

    There’s a book called “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” by a guy named Thomas Frank. In it he questions why working-class Americans vote for the very conservatives that have taken their jobs and moved them overseas (to say the least).

    I’m not gonna say I know what people’s best interest is. But it doesn’t take too much of a stretch to assume that most people want a shred of economic certainty (i.e., a job), and a few luxuries here and there to make life worth living.

    The rich can still be rich. That’s fine. But they’re just gonna have to simultaneously stop selling us crap that kills us, and give us a bigger slice of the pie.

  2. remistevens Says:

    Would be nice. Problem is, the poor in rich countries are already getting a decent slice of the global pie. We’re just not using what we’ve got to help out the poor poor.

  3. remistevens Says:

    I don’t think any of us should want the free market. David only beats goliath in myths.

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