Filthy Kithchen Update: Air Freshener Plugin

Use the flavour that suits you best!

Jim Smetchland’s Rating: C-
You’d have to keep topping up the water constantly, and I’m not entirely sure that boiling laundry soap doesn’t give off toxic fumes.
Mess of Wires Studios netted a cool million with the corporate products mentioned in this one!

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4 Responses to “Filthy Kithchen Update: Air Freshener Plugin”

  1. exuvia Says:

    Unrelated to the topic above but back to your question some time ago about ZEITGEIST. Finally saw it…

    Very disturbing image of the United States.

    It is chilling!

  2. exuvia Says:

    Finally a sensitive piece of advice to the very occupied amonst us. Postpone your garbage take out to who knows when. Just hook up a bottle drip refill to the detergent pluggin with copper tubing; for a piece of solid state equipment use a military metal water canister. The principle is applicable to personal hygiene as well. Safeguard your creative mental space and leave the fragrance to BLEACH. Waste no time, invent for weeks on end.

    If you share your household with a female, let her choose the fragrance. Peace in the family is important for the artistic and creative process.

    • remistevens Says:

      let her choose the fragrance, awesome- hope you don’t mind if i add that advice on the kitchen website. “what can i say? I’m a romantic and the wife loves the smell of roses as much as i love cleaning nothing”

      Is Bleach really neutral though? The smell always makes me think of laundry. I think the laundry bias may be showing through in some of my work.

      watch some corporate news, that ought to help bleach your brain.

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