God? . . . its about 50/50

Is there a God? Flip a coin. If its heads there is, if its tails its the other way. God or no god is a question resolved once- hopefully when you die. I know many of you are quite sure of your beliefs for a variety of reasons and i have no intention to undermine or debate you. Simply looking at the question itself, there either IS or ISN’T a God and we can only ever answer once. There are 2 options and there are no statistical probabilities. Its 50/50.


Even if you claim you’ve witnessed God, well who are YOU anyways. You look out with imperfect eyes, you have an imperfect perspective. God is perfect; everything you see is imperfect. Its very simple, we can’t see God. . . So maybe you claim you can see the effects of God, well how can you be so sure? The universe is a giant friggin’ place people. Roses, sunsets and masterpieces will spawn out of chaos if there’s enough of it!


Hmmm. . .But i suppose the universe itself is a pretty amazing and humbling thing. Its so much greater than us and we know jack shit about it. Logically, if we already know of one thing bigger than ourselves, it becomes easier to expect other bigger things- like a God perhaps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Shipwrecked, you wash up on an island filled with riddles and challenges beyond the scope of your possible lifetime. Do you assume they were left there by chance or that someone created it all?


Most of us believe in God. 3/4 of people are adherents of what Wikipedia calls “The Big Four” religions (no accounting for fakers). Add in many other faiths and we’re left with about %16 non-religious people. Of these, half are theists– apathetically saying “yea, we just generally believe in a God/s, but why get specific?“. Atheists are about %2 of the population.

Atheists are often confused with non-believers. But do not be mistaken, the atheist believes he knows the answer. The atheist’s God is science, chaos, humanity or whatever other bullshit he’s preaching. It’s not a dude on a cloud, but its still God. Posed with the question: “is there a God?”, %94 of the population said “I got this one, I know the answer”. The remaining %6 are agnostics, but Agnosticism is a bit of a grab bag. These are people who can’t decide, people who are unable to decide, people who didn’t know they could decide, people who don’t want to decide, and people who just don’t give a shit.


Lets say you’ve chosen the divine side of the coin, how do you pay your respect as a theist? Well most religions say something about living well and generally being good to people. God created you, naturally we should be kind to his creations- seems logical. But what about all the ceremony and fanfare? I don’t think most theists truly believe that God would require us to burn certain flavours of smoke or recite specific words. . . ..Sure, but whats the harm? If there is a God and he does want us to show our respect, at least the people singing and dancing about God are making an effort. . . .If God is anything like my boss, he’s happier when I’m busy- even if I’m just looking busy.


Its only when religions are used to manipulate human interests that it can be offensive. God probably does not want you to bomb people or hate or punish. If the leaders of your religion are preaching this, they are false prophets. Believing in God is perfectly natural and sensible, just don’t let it skew your vision of human affairs.

Finally, one thing I’ve learned about managers is that they like consistency. God probably wants us all to follow the same routines, burn the same smoke, sing his favourite tunes. Maybe he’d like us to all get our act together and start worshiping under one faith.

“Lets get on the same page people!” – God


Ways the non-religious can avoid offending God and/or Gods:

Never kill anyone religious.

Wear all the religious icons- makes you feel like a gang member.

Always use the capitalized “God” even if its grammatically unwarranted.

Celebrate every religious holiday they’ve got going- what the hell? I’m not coming into work today, its Scientology’s “Celebrity Day“. We’re going to feast on the flesh of John Travolta.


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3 Responses to “God? . . . its about 50/50”

  1. exuvia Says:

    I do not believe in believers, either way, for or against.

    Belief is anthropocentric, it puts man in the middle. Self acclaimed, self defined, he-she-it wills a God away or into Being with no proof except the pleasure and peace that is found in a closing thought.

    We are too much part of our own judgment, we have too much invested in our conclusions. When John speaks about Peter he speaks more about John than about Peter. We ‘see’ God or no-God in a black blur in the psychiatrists office.

    Dogma is proof of nothing. Adherence to any dogma is proof of vagary, of weak investigative powers and blind faith. Letting someone see for you who might have let someone else see for him or her etc. is a long chain of blindness.

    How we would like things to be have little or nothing to to with how things are in them selves.

    “We do not see the world as it is but as we are”

    Believe me…

  2. remistevens Says:

    Absolutely, to have the best perspective, you’ve got to try and step back as far as you can. If you believe in something as truth, you’ve narrowed your vision. If something IS true, anything contradictory MUST be false. Anything you’ve deemed as ‘necessarily false’ is outside of your possible perspective.

    Start believing in many truths passed down the chain to you? You’re going to start experiencing a lot of those faithful blind spots.

  3. “Merry Christmas” « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] might literally mean “i accept this religion”, but you’re not accepting a religion just because of a simple word. For you, the word simply means you respect your friend and wish him […]

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