Introducing The Remi Stevens Music Page!

Hey Blog readers! Just wanted to let you know about the new page. I’ve always needed a good place for downloads and streaming players and such. So many odd projects, it was hard to really categorize everything properly. Black Rogers is Black Rogers, Erosia is Erosia and its ALL Remi Stevens. The Gang of Thieves is the rock stuff, Erosia with singing over it is The Stanchions. The ShitFaceds are still and may always only be one night two years ago. Confused? . . .They are all part of Remi Stevens the one, yet they are separate. Hey, If Catholicism can get away with it why can’t The Mess of Wires Studios?


As per the usual, when i update there, I will post here as well. So if you’re lazy, you can just keep checking back here on the blog- I’ll always let you know whats going on here.

Later All

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2 Responses to “Introducing The Remi Stevens Music Page!”

  1. exuvia Says:

    There is no confusion here about who is who in the Canadian music industry.

    I can’t believe how you’ve got the snow falling from every angle. I’ve tried all my game consoles on your website but I can’t say I’ve been able to hit a single flake. Is it something with my settings? Nice game anyway…

    Ups, you are getting my letters in the comment box with the flakes; you must be winning.

  2. remistevens Says:

    Ha! Thanks, but i do get confused sometimes.

    Appearance> Extras> Snow falling on your blog!

    Tried hitting them too, it changes your cursor somewhat while hovering, but no clickability.

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