Jim Reviews: Family Guy “Something” movie/episode bullshit

Was that the title? I don’t even give a shit. Here’s the hierarchy of Jokes for the Family Guy writers:
#1 Cutaway: Characters play roles in some pop-culture reference. No connection to plot, is usually ripped word for word from a movie/tv script.
#2 Cutaway: Actual tv/movie clips. These are becoming more common. Whole sections of other people’s work. Its the same “joke” used in #1, but even less effort.
#3 Ads. Plain as day, in your face ads.No shame. At one point the characters all acted out an exact replica of a Juicyfruit commercial- go figure, always a product still being sold. The advertisers who wrote that scene initially should get a credit. All Family Guy did was animate a duplicate and accept a cheque from Wrigleys. How creative!
#4 References to old family guy jokes. Peter fighting with the giant chicken, wincing over an injured shin, evil monkey, Meg is a loser. When they aren’t “creative” enough to steal the work, they bludgeon us to death with their few, FEW tired favourites.
#5 Long pointless pauses. Just stop the tape once in while for no reason. I think they heard that there is brilliance in comedic timing and misunderstood. A pause is brilliant, if there is some context or substance behind it. I can stop the fucking tape myself and wait 30 seconds if that’s what i find funny.
#6 Original creative writing. Maybe, MAYBE a couple jokes i hadn’t heard before. Most likely i just missed the “reference”.
Who writes a movie someone else already wrote twice?! Its watching Star Wars with Seth MacFarlane while he cracks lame jokes he googled. “What do you call a one legged woman?” Peg or Ilene. I’m stupider for watching; Seth is laughing at us not with us. My cat has more refined tastes for entertainment (string). If i wasn’t eating dinner i certainly would have turned it off. Unfortunately it survived and gets the next possible lowest rating.

Rating (D-)

Total Crap Factory

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4 Responses to “Jim Reviews: Family Guy “Something” movie/episode bullshit”

  1. ponch58 Says:

    That film at the end is pure genius! “Stupidity, is by far, the greatest destructive power in the history of humanity.” Love it.

    You can’t really fault Seth McFarlane. This is a practice that has been used in comedy for years and years. Monty Python were the kings of stupid comedy. Whoever thought slapping someone with a fish or finding various ways to explain the expiration of a parrot would be so fucking hilarious?

    Just the other day I was finding the conversation I was having to be a little drab. So, I started into a scene from “Schindler’s List” and we all had a good laugh. Then, in the following 45 seconds I stood motionless, and did nothing. The results were hilarious!

  2. Clayton Stash Says:

    Sarah Palin Family Guy Rush Limbaugh 3 things I couldn’t care less about.

  3. Watch Treme Says:

    Hello, I love all your writings, keep them coming.

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