Jim Review- Underworld 3: Rise of the Lysol

In fact, I watched the whole trilogy, marathon style. Vampires fighting werewolves, and repeat. As per usual with trilogies, the first one was the best. The second had the most boobs and gore- trying to be a shocking version of #1. The third one gets a little preachy and over dramatic as it wraps up the epic. . . . .Now if there is one thing that bothers me, its stuff that doesn’t make sense. Somehow most of the later plot in the trilogy revolves around the hybridization of wolves and vamps- done through drinking the others blood. However there are countless scenes of battles where they eat each other and no one seems to go through any strange transformations. Sorry, i realize thats probably not interesting to you. . . . .They woke yet another new head monster in #3. Kate Baconslash was replaced with a new chick who wasn’t the same character but looked identical which was really confusing. One thing i will say about this series which is very odd. I had seen the first two movies going into the third but couldn’t remember them. Even while re-watching what i’d already seen i had no clue where it was going. Now I watched #3 only 2 days ago and can relate to you very little about it. I have a fairly good memory for movies. Underworld movies seem to make absolutely no impression on my memory whatsoever, probably a good thing.

Rating C+

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3 Responses to “Jim Review- Underworld 3: Rise of the Lysol”

  1. ponch58 Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. Watched all the movies, enjoyed them, rewatched them later and had no memory of anything! That’s weird.

    I’ve had this encounter before, and it always confuses me. How could I have enjoyed something so unmemorable? If someone were to ask me, “Are those Underworld movies any good?” I would respond with, “Yes! I enjoyed them very much.” I don’t get it.

    You forgot one aspect of the “trilogy”. The second in a trilogy always has a prolonged scene of everyone dancing around to some sort of industrial/techno music. Usually some sort of nudity/fornication scene is thrown into this part.

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