New Filthy Kitchen Album “ER4” Available Free to Download and Stream!

Streaming available on the music page:


Hey! Not to be confusing, but this is the second Erosia album available, but its the fourth one completed. And not to be further confusing, this disk was created by breaking up Erosia 3 which was too large. . . .This one is called ER4, many of these tracks are found on The Filthy Kitchen and The Remi Stevens Blog. I’ve noticed the third track, which is my personal fav on this one, was used by Craig in the Garbage Bag Chair video and the Sink Dishwasher. Surprisingly, I haven’t yet tried singing to a single one of these tracks, just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. . . . .

So get in a comfy chair, blast your clock radio, stand on your head, make street drugs, rent a camel. . . .do whatever it is you do to listen to music and enjoy:

Download the entire album here


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One Response to “New Filthy Kitchen Album “ER4” Available Free to Download and Stream!”

  1. smear Says:

    DL’d the album.. really nice traxx. I dug / dig it. will listen with my mom and dad and give illegal copies to the guy who sells independent hip hop on the street

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