Filthy Kitchen Video: Strata Theory

As a champion of the filthy lifestyle, Remi Stevens has developed strategies to help you navigate and identify patterns in your own debris. This quick tip departs a scientific approach that will drastically reduce search times when looking for lost items.

Jim Smetchland’s Rating: D+
“Here’s a quick tip, clean the place and you’ll find everything. How was this useful? Shortest vid ever! The only thing that saved you was the attempt at political commentary- burning oil fields. Not sure of the relevance though. . . .”

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3 Responses to “Filthy Kitchen Video: Strata Theory”

  1. exuvia Says:

    How did you get into my house? Who let you in?!

    I want everything back the way it was …and a cut in the profit from this video.

    At first I was in doubt, because of the low light setting, but I instantly recognized my storage room when the narrative came to the cutlery lost in food matter; and then there was the oil on the surface… that is the very reason why I never go in there anymore, it’s too dangerous. I now apply the following strategy – I paraphrase ‘live and let live’ – Throw and let everything fall until it floats.

    DonĀ“t you have work to do?

    • remistevens Says:

      Your profit sharing is being delivered as we speak. . . .

      If The Filthy Kitchen can’t sneak into your house like a burglar in the night, where will i cook my supper?

      My favourite rooms in the home are the ones that require shoes, and/or other safety gear.

      A video coming about cleanliness and light levels.

      Depends how you look at it, I’m either always working or never working.

  2. exuvia Says:

    Only fair; share and profit.

    Here is a suggestion for a future production:
    The Nether World.
    Should be straight forward, low budget and very scary.

    First scene is shot under the bed. Bound to be a shocker.

    Always working OR never; like it. To many bipolar people out there; so many of them get off from work and then they go back the next day.

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