Filthy Kitchen Video: Light Speed Clean

If cleanliness is next to godliness and that’s somewhere you want to be, just follow Remi Stevens advice. In this tip, Remi illustrates a quick and easy method to virtually eliminate mess with zero effort.

Hi Everybody! Been getting some really funny comments and commentary over on the Filthy Kitchen Youtube Channel, have a look!

Manager Jim Smetchland’s Rating: D-
“Turning of the lights, really? Is that all you’ve got for us this time? I mean, we know how to turn off lights- why does there need to be an instructional video? Sometimes I’m ashamed to be associated with this project. . . .”

YouTube Commentary:
“I tried this, but fell and cut my elbow. How do I clean up all the blood/stop the bleeding?”
“I just don’t get it…at night this works fine but at day it does nothing….totally bizarre…”

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One Response to “Filthy Kitchen Video: Light Speed Clean”

  1. exuvia Says:

    Indisputably the best first aid measure to a mess ever invented.

    Instant transport into the realm of darkness where cleanliness and Schmutz are look a likes and angels and devils, good and evil, join hands in liberty, brotherhood and equality.

    Turn out the light!

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