Jim Reviews: Where the Wild Things Are

Are more people dropping acid at the theatres then are letting on? I remember hearing how great this movie was, i just don’t get it. They took a story written by a little kid for little kids and just gruesomely stretched it into a movie. Can you imagine how ridiculous that is? I don’t want to watch Jack and Jill literally just walk up a hill for half a movie, that would be stupid. . . .I don’t know, maybe they were hoping for some sort of technological credit??? The CG was ok but nothing spectacular. Anyways, sorry but people aren’t going to be wowed by graphics anymore, its pretty much expected from a big budget flick that it better look good. . . .But who fucking cares if there’s no story, really? I didn’t even know what genre to call this cause it really just did nothing at all. Funny thing is, I can’t even see this holding a child’s attention, its too friggin’ slow. Flip the page something new happens, how can you hold anyone’s attention when it takes 15 damn minutes to flip each page!

The plot from a ten page kid’s book can’t be the plot for a movie, don’t watch this.

Rating D-
(Technically i didn’t turn this off, so it can’t be an F, but i did leave for about 45mins in the middle where absolutely nothing happened.)

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