How to Watch TV/Movies Free!

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Its called:Watch Any TV/Movie Free Right Now!
This blog post is a re-post of that page, you’ll want to check the original to keep up on the latest ways to get free TV/Movies. Link- Jim Smetchland TV/Movie Free Page!

Hi everyone, finally something useful from Remi and Jim! . . . Surely you own every DVD of every conceivable movie and TV show. As well, you’ve got legal copies of movies not yet playing, playing in theatres and never released. Sooooooo. If you’ve scratched or damaged your legal copy and wish to watch/download a duplicate online, you’ve come to the right blog for information. If on the other hand you do not have legal copies of every movie in existence, please do not read ahead and learn these secrets I researched and never use.

    Streaming: (Watching it off an Internet site)

This is the easiest thing in the world. If you can get to my blog, you can watch absolutely any movie or TV show in existence starting literally right now completely free. There are really only 3 sites you’ll ever need. For movies, go to Let Me Watch This. You can search flicks by genre and basically see everything that is out there. For TV shows, go to StageVU. Finally, Project Free TV– they’ve got the most links for movies and shows, but its a real sketchy mix of quality. Oh, and if you ever didn’t find what you wanted from the above 3 sites, the best search engine for streaming sites is OVguide.

You only need these 3 sites!
Let Me Watch This
Project Free TV


Want high quality? Sometimes the streaming picture sucks. No problem, get DVD, even blue ray quality from downloading. You’ll need to get a free program called Vuze (also called Azureus). Once you’ve got Vuze, you need to find torrent files. Torrents are little files that let Vuze download full movie files from other Vuze users. When you open a torrent file, Vuze will launch, within the program you will be able to track the progress and download speed of your movie.
Go to the best torrent site out there: Superfundo. Every download on their site is virus free and tested by administrators- but look out for dirty banner ads (sorry). If you couldn’t find what you were looking for on Superfundo, go to TorrentZ. Its a search engine for torrents scanning multiple sites. Way more torrents, but many of them are fake (ads and viruses). Be careful, wear protection. The good files aren’t too hard to find. Many sites let users rate and comment on torrents, look for the torrents with the most positive activity. You’ll also notice each torrent will have 2 numbers beside it: peers are people wanting to download, seeds are the people who already downloaded and are sharing the file. Remember, the best torrents are usually the ones with the most seeders.



    VLC player

Best video player out there! Seems to handle all file formats, easy controls, free, great options if you need to add subtitles or tweak settings etc. . . .Seriously, VLC kicks ass. Open source wins again, this program is way better than the players offered by corporations- its even better than anything you could pay for!


I’ve tried out several open source DVD burners. DVDflick worked best for me. Looking over forums and such it sounds as though its only downfall is slow processing. I found on the fastest speed it took anywhere from 1-3 hours to convert a movie file into a regular playable DVD. I’ve also heard many people swear by Nero which works good and is much faster, but you’d have to either pay for the program or steal it. Nero is also locking up copyrights by making things like CD backups no longer playable on CD players- makes sense right? Screw copyright Nazis, only use open source like:

    How streaming works/ How to trick Megavideo

Obviously you can’t just set up your own Internet TV station playing copyrighted content, you would be very quickly shut down. So instead each involved site only handles one small part of the bootlegging to absolve themselves from legal trouble. Sites like Let Me Watch This and TVShack never actually post any content, only links to content. . . So who hosts the content? Big server sites like Megaupload do the hosting. Its like public storage, but its data storage on the Internet. Customers buy space from these companies and upload files to the servers anonymously. Megaupload is able to avoid being sued because they are not the ones who did the actual uploading of copyrighted content and can claim ignorance since the files are always anonymously labelled. How to trick Megavideo. You can watch free up to 72mins at a time. When your time runs out, turn off your modem briefly and back on. Your ISP will give you a new IP address and Megavideo will no longer know who you are- for another 72mins. They’ve got way more content than anyone else and its usually good quality and always fast enough to play uninterrupted. Look at it this way: $60 for one month of limited, ad heavy cable, or Megavideo which has everything cable has plus almost every movie in existence playing right now with no commercials or cost. You decide.

Got your own tips? I’d love to hear them. Also if you know which type of animal/Ouija combinations work best on Macs that would be useful. Thanks!

I am in no way affiliated with any site mentioned above, this is entirely impartial information. Our “research” is ongoing, this page will update if anything changes. As per usual, Remi Stevens does not recommend you do anything at all. . . .

and Jim Smetchland doesn’t even exist!

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8 Responses to “How to Watch TV/Movies Free!”

  1. exuvia Says:

    Best ever report on how to stay legal in a world of terrible temptation.

    Wonderful grammar, good style.

    Were you circumcised?

  2. Marcus T Says:

    Remi Stevens deleted my post! I’m boycotting this site!

    Remi Stevens is full of lies! Don’t believe his nonsense!

  3. Marcus T Says:


  4. rolex Says:

    Best way is to download them first instead of streaming. You might want to use a proxy service in case your ISP throttle p2p downloads.

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