Smetchland Reviews: Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Robert Downey Jr. stars as Johnny Depp in Sherlock Holmes. Spoiler Alert!!!Oh man, Sherlock and Doc Watson are like street brawlers or something now. Lets dumb it down and add some zazz! (testosterone). Seriously, Downey’s first scene as Holmes is bare chested in a ring breaking some guy’s ribs while gamblers cheer him on waving cash. I never read the books, did that type of thing actually happen? I thought these fellas were dignified? Wait, I looked it up, apparently Holmes was a ruffian in his early days. Ok fine, always an excuse. . . .Not based on an original story though, somehow I’m not surprised. This is yet another Hollywood movie where the motivation of the main characters makes absolutely no sense, but you won’t find out til the end– like 2012 and Taking Pelham ABC. Call it a ‘mystery’ because the unknown part is something too stupid for anyone to guess. Its how unimaginative writers get by.

Rating B-
Spoiler Alert!!! From Here On!!!It only works as a mystery because you can’t predict nonsense. Here goes: The killer plots to murder all the parliamentarians so that he will, somehow, be the new leader of England. But he’s just some dude who busted out of prison, why would he be the new ruler? What about lower level government officials? Generals? The god damned royal family? So stupid it made me puke and you don’t find out until right near the conclusion. Admittedly, I was somewhat entertained before that point.

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2 Responses to “Smetchland Reviews: Sherlock Holmes (2009)”

  1. Marcus T Says:

    I’ve tried to watch this movie 3 times now. I’ve fallen asleep every time.

    This happened to me trying to watch “The usual suspects” as well. Apparently a good movie. I’ve tried to watch it countless times and can’t make it past the 1/2 hour point.

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