You Can’t Vote With Your Wallet

I don’t want to vote with my wallet, I want to vote with my damn vote. Is that too much to ask in a democracy? I would like to see some big changes, can i vote for that somewhere? For me to be an actual member of this democratic tribe I need to have some sort of state legitimized ‘say’ on how we proceed. With partisan politics and government thoroughly infested with corporate influence, my opinion is completely un-registrable within the governing of this group- I am not a voting member. Sure i am offered a slim choice between gold toothed campaigners every few years, but they don’t represent me. I can vote for their ‘say’ but not my own. Many of us are quite aware of our predicament, but what do you do?  Realizing we can no longer actually vote, its repeating that “hey, we can still vote with our wallets”.

So what is a vote? Well for our purposes here lets consider a “vote” to be your ability to change the system to what you want.
2 examples of ‘voting’:

(1)You want humanity to grow more oranges, you vote for the pro-orange politician.
(2)With your wallet, you ‘vote’ for increased orange production by buying oranges and increasing the demand

The first example is fundamentally different than the second. In a democratic election the voters are counted as equals- each person gets one vote. At the store, however, each person has a different amount of ‘votes’. The dollars themselves are all of equal value, but the voters are anything but equal.

Wallet ‘voting’ isn’t working and it never will. Most wallets will continue to vote for slavery and waste no matter how popular ‘shop green local‘ becomes. . . .The poor can choose between limited brands at limited corporate retailers. With tight budgets many people are restricted to only buying the cheapest products. Have the sweatshop microwave, or no microwave. On the other end of consumption you have the rich, their wallets are voting for golf courses and shark fin soup. Unemployment and environmental destruction shouldn’t interrupt the flow of luxuries, so there is little motivation for the wealthy to change their spending habits. The poor are forced to spend unethically and the rich don’t need to care; its nice to see everyone working together.

You’ve always got an ounce of freedom, but its not a vote. Even the chained and whipped slave is able to choose his behaviour. He may have limited options and face dire consequences, but he will always have some access to the system where he can contribute his opinion. Its not a vote, its just the leftover freedom we get from the fact that we ultimately get to choose our own behaviour. . . . .Suppose the slave’s digging a moat to protect the castle from an enemy made up of his countrymen. Dig at a pace slower than his capabilities and the moat might not get finished before the invading army arrives, dig with all his might and he’s bound to slavery indefinitely. Without a vote he is forced to enact change through other means. Reluctantly, he votes with whatever leeway remains- the quality of his labour.

Sound familiar? You don’t get to vote at work either right? The boss is in charge, its a dictatorship. If you want change you can adjust your work, or plead, but you don’t get to actually vote. Ironically, these corporate dictatorships that many of us work for are the same entities who’ve clogged our governments with lobbyists and back pocket politicians. The dictatorship at work usurped your democracy at home. It’s like your boss followed you home so he can boss you around there as well!

When you don’t get a real vote, you vote with whatever leeway you’ve been given. The slave’s leeway is the quality of his labour, our leeway is a measly wallet. Ah but at least the slave governs his own effort, who decides how much cash is in your wallet? Your boss the dictator again. Refuse to give him quality labour and soon you won’t even be voting with your wallet! And to make matters worse, many of the most able slaves have been convinced to dig with their greatest effort, sealing all our fates. People brutally compete to stuff their wallets with corporate cash- thereby casting their vote for the dictatorship that has destroyed our democracy. Daily putting their best efforts towards digging the moat, only voting on which type of material reward they’d like for ensuring its completion.

“hmmmm, a system that’s destroying democracy, earth and humanity- lets put our best people on it JB!”.

To be fair, democracy isn’t the perfect way to choose leadership either, but its downright dangerous to rank by wealth. The people running the show are inbred and ill-fit to direct the authority they’ve been granted. Wealth does not equal nobility, they figured this out thousands of years ago. We need the best people leading us, not a cycle of previous generations shitting new leadership onto the thrown. This is not a game, we face survival. . . .Its crazy. Forget greatness or even competency, we’re going to structure our society around who is best at playing a board game and who got the largest cheque when daddy died. . . . Why don’t we just declare the guy with the hairiest chest king, or maybe only people born in April will get to vote. How about declaring that the tallest people would be the new rulers- everyone in Sweden stood up and said: “BEUNDRANSVÄRD!”.

We need to be more worried about what’s happened to democracy than what we’re going to spend our pittance on. Its not voting; we don’t get to vote. Don’t call it that and don’t be content with it as though it were some sort of solution, because it isn’t. Even if you can make choices, you’re really just telling the master what type of bread will make you dig faster. Think about it. If we vote with wallets, how many votes do you think your family is going to get against the Rockefellers? When we determine how we will vote, we determine who will rule. Give all the votes to one elite group, who do you think will rule? Duh. . .

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11 Responses to “You Can’t Vote With Your Wallet”

  1. julescosby Says:

    At the risk of sounding like some pimple-faced anarchist, we don’t live in a democracy. We’ve never lived in a democracy. I would even go as far as to say that a democratic society is a contradiction. Democracy for me is more of an act of dissensus against the prevailing order. It can be in the workplace, on the street, in a gallery, or even on this blog. But your main point is solid: democracy, whatever it is, certainly can’t be found in the marketplace.

  2. remistevens Says:

    Shit that’s awesome! I could have just bloggered that and saved us all a lot of time.

    I did the bolding.

  3. julescosby Says:

    Nah, I still like yours better. I should hire you on as a boldener. Maybe a boldsmith?

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  6. i know this is old Says:

    (the US, if that’s where you are, is a republic — people represent us to prevent the majority from winning every time. it was a deliberate choice)

  7. exterminator long island ny Says:

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