Smetchland Reviews: Green Zone

Matt Affleck tromps around Baghdad as an army Sargent just following the invasion of Iraq (Bush II). Before each scene they karate chopped his neck to gruff up his voice disguising his pansiness somewhat. . . . New war movies suck, they’re like video games. Designed to get young people to sign up for the action, super action. Kids, you can’t be an individual in the army, there is no rogue soldier who can make a difference and discover the truth. This flick was about the missing WMD’s. There was a solid 1-2 mins of actual criticism of the American Iraq ‘mission’, if you made it that far. Oh but Greg Kinnear was in this, I was a fan of him long before you knew who he was.

It was the greatest moment in TV history as far as I’m concerned- and I watched it live! It happened on ‘Later With Bob Costas’– a late night interview show airing after either Leno or Letterman. Costas announces that his guest tonight will be Greg Kinnear, then lists his accomplishments to date including a couple episodes of Life Goes On. . . .Kinnear emerges and is interviewed by Costas for a few minutes. Frustrated by his crappy guest, Costas rises from his desk and says “that’s it I’m done, I swore I would only do this show so long as it remained interesting”. Storming out, Greg Kinnear looks at the camera and moves into the interviewer’s chair. This was the unannounced launch of the brand new show: ‘Later With Greg Kinnear’. The show never did loose that thrown together feel. . . .Wait, what did this all have to do with Green Zone again?

Rating: C+

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2 Responses to “Smetchland Reviews: Green Zone”

  1. Fucking spammer Says:

    reminds me a bit of a Hudson River School piece..the colors and reflection so soft and warm. Lovely.

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