Smetchland Reviews: Pirate Radio

PSHoffman is good as usual, I just can’t be bothered to write his full name out. These actors and their goddamn 3 part stage names, if you don’t use your fake middle name you will never win an award for your acting. How about Joseph Manwell Flatulence someone should start calling themselves that to get respect. . . . .This was a solid flick. Good characters, some funny moments, suspense and conflict. Not everything made sense, but it was a light movie so who cares? Basically they operate a pirate rock radio station in the North Sea in the 60’s because the BBC won’t play pop. My only beef, but man its a big one, is the text at the end- don’t worry I’m not giving anything away. They claimed that the rebels of pirate radio would eventually take over because, hold your hat, rock stations are common place today. . . . .They’re kidding right? Corporate rock stations are how pirate rebels won out in the end? Metallica and their ilk are the stuffy dudes in suits back on land trying to get pirate radio shut down. I almost threw my computer during the montage of corporate rock albums at the end that was supposedly honouring the victors of the pirate rock revolution. Make the obvious Napster comparison instead, that would make sense, that’s the prevailing rebellion. Ah but who owns the movie production house? . . . .Post release they also changed the film’s name to “The Boat That Rocked”. Obviously some big wig swooped in from above and demanded that content piracy isn’t glorified. . . .Careful, your wallets are showing.

Rating: B+

and no Beatles?

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3 Responses to “Smetchland Reviews: Pirate Radio”

  1. exuvia Says:

    Going to the movies a lot lately?

    When the real world lets you down by its content its good to have a way into virtual reality.

    “Its entertainment!”

    The social drug of our times; an alternate space in which to place your mind. Time out.

    If we all carried a punch card to clock in and out we would hardly get any wages; we would all prove that most of the time we were away.


    • remistevens Says:

      Its true, but I can explain. Working on 2 new albums, just got a new video camera, new websites. . . . .I’ve got no lack of things to say, just don’t have the time. I can ‘review’ quickly because it really doesn’t add up to anything I would need to defend.

      I wish there was a real good and strong social drug out there, you know, something with some kick. Take a lovely party with friends and family, condense to pill size, cram down gullet and continue working. . . .Wait, better yet, take a whole lifetime of socializing and inject it into children upon birth. Imagine, knowing everyone you would ever know before its even happened! . . . .The baby leans back, lights a cigarette, and says “my boss is such an asshole”. . . .Get that baby back on the line, we need more widget production.

      Oh wait, I guess we’re talking movies. The super social pill isn’t going to come out completely accurate is it? The baby’s reaction to hollywood: terrified, blissfully happy, consuming and vain. Now we’re talking widget production.

      Substance is coming.

  2. exuvia Says:

    Good luck with the albums.

    Take your time before your next dose of social criticism. I know its coming.

    DON’T SWEAT to create YOUR LIFE, BUY IT! Packed in individual sachets for an easy infusion; do not boil. Drink three cups a day.


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