Summer Update 2010!

Hey everyone, just a post to let you all know about the wonderful things happening in the Remi Stevens media empire this summer. As the flow of content has slowed to a trickle, I felt we needed some explanation. Boney the Steve is alive and well, our brain chips are functioning properly and most of our studio/production spaces have been reasonably fire free for quite some time.

Remi 2

Remi Stevens and the Gang of Thieves are releasing their second studio album this summer! Currently in production, that muppet/disco/rock sound is shaping up as expected. I’m really excited about this, its going to be awesome! The general plan is to do three “singles” in full glossy quality with the help of the team at BWR, but fill out the rest of the full length CD with more lo-fi sounding tunes on which I’ll do most of the producing myself. There are remakes of old tunes, brand new songs, and even a couple i adapted from Erosia sessions. . . . .

The Filthy Kitchen

New features coming!!! Craig has been really busy, so we haven’t put a vid up for a couple months, sorry. We do have some great new stuff coming though, look for ‘Tech Tips’ and ‘Grooming Tips’. As promised, we’ll eventually tell you every aspect of living the filthy lifestyle. Keep training with us and we’ll have you gelifying your ass to the couch in no time!

The Remi Stevens VBag

Starting a brand new Youtube/Vimeo channel called ‘The Remi Stevens VBag’. It’ll have all the filthy kitchen vids, but It’ll also be rife with other videos that are even more useless. Realizing that many surfers these days do not have the attention or capacity to follow text, I’m gonna say it all on Vid (I’m just figuring out a new camera and software). I’ll have my blog posts accompanied by videos of thrilling things like my cats and garbage. Of course there will be many music videos, summer updates, lotto numbers, no money back guarantees, . . .general marginally satisfying Remi. Like the blog, every new Mess of Wires Studios release will be featured. It all happens here, it all happens there. Oh and you’ll finally get to meet Black Rogers! So throw out your bookmark for this site and get ready to ignore the new channel as well!

Another reason I’ve been a ghost town lately, I was finishing Erosia disk 5! It’ll be released soon enough, and you can look forward to these tunes showing up in blog posts and filthy kitchen videos.


Thats right! We’re finally offering the chance to waste money on crap you don’t need. . .and I’m gonna be completely without shame here. I’ll be hocking figurines and garbage from my living-room before you know it. To start, well, I’ve got t-shirts and hats designed and ready to sell. Of course CD’s of everything will eventually become available including the new disk I’m working on now. The store will launch with the upcoming launch of the Remi Stevens VBag.

Best of all, now we’ve got cool prizes! So look for contests coming soon as well!

Odds and Ends
-A dance version of Stay is in the works.
-More odd podcasts will probably appear.
-Acapella cover tunes like the one you’re listening too!
-The giant lizard is dead, but apparently it laid an egg.

-Live show is again being considered as a real possibility. . .come on team, you can pull it off this year!

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7 Responses to “Summer Update 2010!”

  1. exuvia Says:

    “Realizing that many surfers these days do not have the attention or capacity to follow text”


    You got me!

  2. exuvia Says:

    Summer Update!????

    Early May… make that late spring; or are you harvesting oranges?

  3. exuvia Says:

    You are a colorful eminence.

    How do you keep it all together? Music-wit-social criticism-satire-and-deep, deep nonsense.

    • remistevens Says:


      The big question my friend, is how in the hell could i keep all this together in a live performance.

      Jules Cosby suggested bringing a microwave on stage, which is good, but kind of a hefty prop.

      I’ve just never been a fan of comedians who are also musicians- worse still are musicians who consider themselves the forefront of social criticism.

      The nonsense? That’s coming from the heart.

  4. exuvia Says:

    As to the minute wave Jules is wanting to introduce on stage… How does he suggest you do that?

    Waves are wicked little things and so difficult to control. That is one ambitious project.

    How about beginning with a toaster and some frozen waffles; a hands on experience; closer to the people. The pattern is suggestive, and small, if you are going for little.

    I’m with you; hearty nonsense to hearty nonsense.

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