Toronto hosts the G20, G8, G# group of G’s.

Surely these leaders could meet over video chat whenever necessary, so lets ignore the obvious here and dispel any notion that these 20 people need to physically meet. This is a display, not a meeting, and they’re looking for a big negative reaction. They know there will be aggressive protesting, you would only hold such an event in the core of a major city if you were looking for trouble.

Here’s some Wiki info to clear up the G# confusion:
The Group of Eight (G8, and formerly the G6 or Group of Six and also the G7 or Group of Seven) is a forum, created by France in 1975, for governments of six countries in the world. The G-20, which superseded the G33, which had itself superseded the G22, was foreshadowed at the Cologne Summit of the G7 in June 1999.
OK, got it?

Basically admittance is determined by how thoroughly a country’s government has been infested with elitist power-mad international bankers and their inbred brood called the upper class.

On both sides of the fences, there are way too many people who want this event to escalate. Many protesters want violence. You’ve got would-be victims who incite police wanting clips for their websites, anarchists wanting to bring the system down by destroying public property, groups who think our leaders are lizards and general hotheads looking for action. Mob mentality is strong, very strong. Humans act very differently in crowds, even those who attend with no intent to be violent can get pulled in. Just look at tramplings, no individual person is interested in killing people underfoot, but when the crowd gets going we can’t help but flow like lemmings. Those who want to stir up shit try and tap our psychological ineptitude in groups.

On the other side of the fences, police and security. Unfortunately many good motivations to start violence here as well. Just look at the money, we paid 1.1 billion tax dollars to host this event. Things go sour, next time maybe we’ll pay these security and construction companies even more! Consider as well that police can break up a riot and restore order, but a peaceful protest requires them standing still and enduring insults. And just like the other side, there are hotheads looking for action. . . . Goddamn hotheads!

Both sides want things to go bad and the taxpayer is providing the battleground! I almost wish they were wasting this money in the bottomless pit of Afghanistan instead.

Cool if you think about it, this is the first time I’ve paid someone to read my blog (taxes). Surely a CSIS agent or two will stop by here on a keyword search. Its OK, bolgs are public, if you find someone doing something dangerous, I’m glad you’re doing your job. . . .but people also need to feel free to organize and protest. . .thanks for stopping by folks!

There are many good reasons to oppose the G# club, most importantly, it is not democratic. They are agreeing to treaties that trump our sovereignty. What good is a democratically elected Prime Minister, if he is ultimately bound to an international treaty arranged by this non-democratic group? . . .Consider also, the exclusivity of G. Why should a group of only 20, sometimes 8, nations dictate global policies on trade, pollution and finance? We have the UN- a place where pretty much every nation gets a chance to speak, why would we need a less accommodating group with wider powers? The UN is democratic and loves to welcome observers, so why can’t policy be decided there where everyone can input?. . .Well, discussions about how to keep the populace enslaved in debt might prove unpopular at the UN. Dictators make their plans in private, only making contrived displays for the people- G20 in Toronto.

So why does this G# group want trouble, why have they chosen to risk Joe Public for the sake of some publicity shots? Its all about the appearance of popular support. Think about it, most moderate peaceful dissenters like myself will be either too busy or afraid of violence and will not raise a stink. Remember as well that we paid for this summit as taxpayers. If you didn’t oppose something, and you paid for it, well, you’re endorsing it. They want us to feel as though we’ve already shown our support to encourage actual support. It employs a basic psychological principle: thinking is dictated by behaviour and not vice versa. If you do it, you will then believe in it. We are all putting on this G20 summit.

What does it cost? I know the news keeps repeating 1.1 Billion, but that doesn’t include lost revenue and potential damage. . . .They are shutting down the largest city in the country for an entire summer weekend! People living in the Red/Yellow zones are being advised not to leave their homes during the summit. Martial law has been declared in this section of Toronto, pure and simple. Armed personnel will be restricting movement and liberties- this is Canada right? Its a free country, how can they arrest and detain people for using a public street or leaving their homes- its completely ludicrous!

As i said, these bastards could just video-chat. Restricting liberties and exerting dominance for the weekend IS the purpose of this event- not an unfortunate side effect or a necessary cost. The security is the event, the G’s are showing us the power they wield. Fear us, we’re in charge. The global authority is proving it has the capacity to shut down even the most liberal of cities in sovereign countries and turn them into mini police states over night. We’re living in very scary times, any way you slice it. It was enough to wake me from blogging hibernation.

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13 Responses to “Toronto hosts the G20, G8, G# group of G’s.”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I have a shop owner friend in the zone, and, as all were in the area, he was asked to close down his shop for the duration of the G20. Which means he’ll be losing out on thousands of dollars of business. Which, he understood, and accepted. But then he asked that, if there were riots and his place was vandilized, would the city be paying for the damages?
    Their response, “Don’t you have insurance?”

    • remistevens Says:

      Bullshit! I can’t believe this is happening here. I’ve been noticing circles of people with shopping carts full of signs and water already forming. I heard from a friend living in the red zone who was told she is better off leaving home for the weekend or staying in her apartment the whole time!

  2. Marcus T Says:

    As I guy in the business of Audio/Video, I deal with a lot of satellite type signals. Word has come through that during this monstrosity of a “meeting”, cell phone signals will probably disappear as they are jamming most frequencies for “security reasons”.

    4 bars that I do work for this week have been losing their Sirius radio signals intermittently. As everyone probably knows, (whether they want to or not) the World cup is going on right now. Are satellite tv signals the next to go? In Gator Ted’s last Saturday they had 375 patrons come in for the England game. Average 3 pints at $5 each and $15 for food that’s $30 a person in 3 hours. That’s $11,250 of sales in 3 hours. Can you imagine the implications on this bar owner if he loses his television feed from this game? Not to mention the rioting, drunken football fans and the damage that would be done to his establishment.

    A G20 summit in a major city makes about as much sense as turning Yonge street into another runway for Porter airlines.

    Why didn’t they do it in Chapleau or Timmins?


  3. Sandy Says:

    Dad just reminded me of this…There is one really good thing about this. We are not spending this 1.1 B in another country. Most of this money is going towards Canadian cops everywhere. They are being pulled in from all across the area to secure this G20. It’s like a stimulous package. Cops everywhere will have a little more in their pockets to spend. Similar to any organization who hosts a special event and brings in their regular workers on a little overtime.

    • remistevens Says:

      True Mom, I guess, but remember this event is political, so its a little different. That money spent on cops nicely helps create the phony appearance of popular support I mentioned. Any of these officers who don’t agree with the G agenda will be greased onto the supportive side by the promise of overtime. Can you imagine a cop refusing to work because its against his beliefs? Can’t see that going over well with the supervisor.

      Its likely the case that they MUST work, and that is really really wrong to force public servants onto one side of a political agenda.

    • remistevens Says:

      Sorry cops. Anyone willing to stand armed on a public street and tell citizens they can’t walk there is no friend of the people or democracy.

  4. Barf Says:

    G’sus Christ the G20 is so annoying. What’s the benifit to Toronto for hosting this event? I don’t see any conceivable way that the 1 billion dollar photo op will actually pay for itself.

  5. julescosby Says:

    You know, Sandy has a point about the cops’ little stimulus package. If anything, the fact that so many of them will go home with some extra cash in their pockets (presumably to spend it in their localities) isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Silver lining I suppose.

    But then once again we go back to Marcus and his lost opportunity costs here in the city. 1 dollar in Toronto goes a lot further in Toronto than in Timmins because it changes hands so many more times. And most times that dollar changes hands, the government can tax it. So not only are we depriving this city’s economy, we’re partially eroding our federal government’s own tax base.

    I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I can’t help but think this is just one big FUCK YOU to the city of Toronto: a city, recall, that is overwhelmingly represented in shades of Red and Orange (and maybe if we had a more accurate system, Green), rarely Blue.

    • remistevens Says:

      Ha yes! Next time the Liberals are in power they will fuck the fine people of Calgargy with their own G# summit!

      • remistevens Says:

        Another silver lining. . . .Many terrified people have left the city. Since there are nothing but cops in town, and cops are highly efficient, the subways and freeways have been moving really fast.

    • remistevens Says:

      No surprise this is happening on the weekend either. The tiny Blue demographic in the city is concentrated on Bay street. We couldn’t possibly do this during the week when it might interrupt the flow of big business. Weekends, the little guy, bar owners, tourist shops, feel the crunch- but who cares, they don’t vote conservative anyways.

  6. Coalition, Fear Politicians Working Together! « The Remi Stevens Bolg Says:

    […] there is need for quick moves by the government, don’t worry, martial law was declared in Toronto pretty easily enough last year under a minority government. . . . Thankfully Chretien’s Liberal […]

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