Protesters are not rioters!

Corporate news labels protesters violent by focusing on rioters. The overwhelming majority of protesters are actually non violent. Love em, hate em, they’re hippies and they’re pacifists- not rioters. Corporate wants the general public to miss the point. As usual, they polarize the issue. They make it seem as though there are only 2 sides to the debate; we in the silent majority can choose between the G20 and the Anarchists.

Watch this:

I ask you, forget who is a cop and who is a protester. Just look at these two groups of people. The group on the left is singing, unarmed, disorganized- this is the vast majority of protesters. The group on the right is highly organized, armed and attacks the other group. Who should we be more concerned with? Honestly.

The protesters were there because of the police presence, not vice versa. Of course people were angry. Our public spaces were occupied by an army for the sake of a photo op!

Wrecking things. The government tore out trees and fixtures, erected fences, stifled the local economy and generally fucked up the city. The protesters only made noise, littered and occupied space. The rioters are a group all to their own, the cops own the blame for not stopping what the rioters did. Protesters have no authority over rioters, the police on the other hand have full authority to arrest and detain law-breakers. Its crazy-ville. We blame the rioting on singing pacifists instead of the billion dollar police force that didn’t do its job!

They wanted these cars to burn, it justifies the police presence. They stood back and let this happen.

Back at the corporate media headquarters they keep blasting the image of a burning car over and over and over. Its completely unrepresentative of why people oppose the G20, but its all corporate has to cling to. They don’t want to fairly represent the vast majority of protesters who’ve got level heads. We hear nothing about their cause, because the protesters with level heads are right. The G20 should not exist.

Its not a democratic group, and its obligating our countries to treaties. Treaties trump our own laws because breaking a treaty is essentially an act of war, but obviously none of the G20 countries are going to war with each other. The upper class is simply tired of having a check with the people every time they make a decision, so they’ve created a new political body that usurps our democracies. This undemocratic group can make decisions which trump our laws. We might decree something as law, even vote on it, and they can over-rule it. An unelected global authority. Dictators, pure and simple. . . .People are being whisked away quietly to places like Guantanamo Bay, everyone spends long hours working to survive, peaceful public demonstrations are being broken up by force- anyone who still thinks we’re free citizens in a democracy is a dumbass.

The G20 is preaching austerity; this group of leaders is promising to pay back national debts. Sounds good right? Here in Canada we have a debt of roughly 500 billion. On a good economic year we might see a budget surplus of 10 billion. It would take us 50 years of booming economic times to get out of debt and we are one of the richest resource laden countries in the world. Around the world, these debts to banks have spiralled completely out of control, not even the richest of countries could ever hope to clear these debts. China even has a trillion dollar debt! National debts will never be paid back, its impossible, the money simply doesn’t exist.

Nations owe their debts to banks for the most part. The biggest of these being private operations. So, the nations of the world all owe impossibly massive debts to private bankers. When the G20 speaks of austerity, they mean using our taxes to pay back debts to private banks that are absolutely impossible to pay back. Its loan sharking; its a very old game. “You can’t pay back your debt to me? That’s fine, I own you now”. ‘Austerity’ means the working class perpetually slaving to pay the upper class debts which are impossible to resolve.

Recap. One group charged us 1 billion dollars, trashed our city, stole our liberties, assaulted and detained law abiding citizens and is plotting to keep us in perpetual slavery. Another group made noise and littered. . . . .Finding the real villains doesn’t seem at all difficult.

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4 Responses to “Protesters are not rioters!”

  1. exuvia Says:

    I see a serious disturbance in the water, Master.

    Who are these private bankers anyway… how did politics become their defense against criticism? Who are these people that lease you a nation and let you play Canadian?

    Love the ship; are you setting sails? Building an ark?

    • remistevens Says:

      No where to sail to, these are the calmest waters.

      They’ve made it all very black and white. If you’re against the super wealthy, you must be an extremist ‘left’ wing hippie or a crackpot ‘right’ winger who shoots anybody who comes near their land. . . . Personally, I think the only thing the state should ever tax is waste; income tax is stupid, it should be abolished- seems like a pretty extremist right wing position right? I rarely get to this point however. Simply trying to explain to someone where power lies in the world and what the big picture looks like often causes people to quickly assess. Either they huff and walk out of the room so as not to need hear leftist rhetoric again, or they assume I’m a hybrid driving, recycling, iphone user who can’t wait to share Starbuck apps with them. Its pretty damn frustrating. That’s why i love blogs. No BS allowed here, i will call it out and you can’t change the subject. Of course anywhere with any real traffic has an endless flow of BS coming in. I suppose thats the ultimate defeat, you can’t possibly straighten everyone out. Sensibility is a tiny shrinking minority.

      Playing 3-4 hours of guitar a day preparing a live show, cutting videos, continuing to work for the man. Sadly no time for blogging lately.

      later Exuvia

  2. exuvia Says:

    Lots of luck with your show.

    Check in once in a while and come back with some existential philosophy; short cuts to enlightenment and other low cost-high profit ventures.

    See you Exuvia

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    […] people are crying fowl over corruption. Harder and harder to pretend that protests are made up of looting thugs. So now, they need to try and channel that mainstream desire for change away from actual […]

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