Smetchland Reviews: The Extendables

Its like a highschool yearbook for action stars; the camera didn’t capture anything interesting, but everyone managed to sit still and smile long enough to get some shots for the final print. Willis and Schwarzeneggar would only agree to appear with each other and Stallone. No Stratham scenes- they’re above that type of thing. I watched this crap maybe 2 weeks ago, i can’t tell you what it was about, I think there was a helicopter and a jungle drug lord or something. I do, however, clearly remember the posters with the eight-ish big stars standing in a row. That was the only image that mattered anyway wasn’t it? Sell us the movie first and foremost; its why the previews leave you feeling more entertained than the movie. I could get a year’s worth of Hollywood garbage over within a short night of nothing but “trailers” and confidently discuss anything that went on that year.

Rating D

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2 Responses to “Smetchland Reviews: The Extendables”

  1. exuvia Says:

    Schwarzenegger brought home the point. American politics is show biz.

    Back when Kings and Queens were fab – the Old World Order – a Reign could wake up to a King less than a year old; or a Queen for that sake. This unexperienced creature, with a large life expectancy, would stand in for the dead and disposed of King of yesterday. Imagine his/her first day of rule, ex crib. Wordless rule, incomprehensible drooling.

    The New World Order has changed nothing of that. We wake up to a stand up President of the Republic who is as likely to represent a glamor and glitter face to the public as were the little princes of yore. Behind those little princes and princesses were a stout group of men unknown to the public making all the right decisions for the Kingdom.

    Dave is on the road again, wearing different clothes again…

    • remistevens Says:

      Infant royalty, that really is a lot like what we have today- babbling idiots saying nothing who are supposedly in charge. At least the old kings got a chance to grow up sometimes. If the old king was evil, i think you knew it, word of mouth was probably a better judge of a ruler’s character than our mass media. If you were gonna be a terrible king, you had to be obvious about it. I just wish the people in charge were well defined so the public knew where to focus its rage.

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